AK-420 Autoflowering

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AK-420 Autoflowering (Zamnesia Seeds)
AK-420 Autoflowering (Zamnesia Seeds)
AK-420 Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)
AK-420 Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)
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AK-420 Autoflowering (Zamnesia Seeds)
AK-420 Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)
Sativa-dominant autoflowering
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AK-420 Autoflowering: Compact and easy powerhouse

AK-420 Autoflowering is a very-well rounded autoflower that despite her compact size shines with some serious firepower. The very easy and fast-growing hybrid rewards with good harvests of some seriously potent bud. A great autoflower for medicinal users who want to grow first-grade medicine in a short time and for recreational users who simply love top weed!

AK-420 Automatic is a mix between a potent AK-420 with Ruderalis genetics to give her autoflowering abilities. Despite her being an easy-growing auto, she will produce top quality bud that can impress even seasoned weed smokers. Her entire life cycle from seed to harvest is a short 9 weeks, an incredibly short time if you consider that some feminized strains can take much longer just for their flowering alone.

AK-420 sure has some growing vigour and won’t likely ever cause you any troubles when you grow her. You don't need to worry about light-cycles and other complicated things when you grow her. She won’t get too tall either and will normally stay at or below 1m. This makes her an excellent choice to grow basically everywhere because she will fit even in small tents. Despite her size and her being an autoflower, she can yield as much as 475g/m² indoors and up to 160g per plant if you grow her outdoors.

Some autoflowers may sacrifice things in exchange for the convenience of autoflowering. They may not be very potent or they may be lacking the flavour of the original. Fortunately, AK-420 Autoflowering doesn’t have any of such drawbacks. She is a very potent plant whose smoke hits hard thanks to her medium-high THC levels. Her great high reflects her balanced mix of indica and sativa genes: When you smoke her she is incredibly relaxing but also provides a nice uplifting effect. The plant has good therapeutic potential and can help with all sorts of ailments, be they physical like migraines, arthritis or pains or mental like stress, depression and anxiety.

AK-420 autoflowering is a true Jack of All Trades for recreational and medicinal users. She is easy to grow, pretty-much maintenance-free and delivers a full-flavoured and very potent smoke. This makes Ak-420 autoflowering a great choice for everyone!

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9 weeks
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