What are cbd crystals and how are they used?

What are cbd crystals and how are they used?
Luke Sumpter

The benefits of CBD oil have been widely discussed in the media lately. Did you know there is an even more potent form of CBD out there? CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD available. The filtration process removes all the THC, while retaining maximum levels of CBD. Find out everything you need to know about CBD crystals.

Perhaps you've heard about cannabidiol before. Commonly abbreviated to CBD, this cannabis-derived compound is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe. While its effects remain non-psychoactive, CBD is highly sought-after due to the natural compound's versatile benefits.

CBD is widely enjoyed in the form of full-spectrum CBD oil, but it’s even more potent in crystal form. In fact, CBD crystals are the purest form of cannabidiol you can possibly get. But what are CBD crystals exactly, and are they safe? Get the full scoop on CBD crystals below, including how they're made, their pros and cons, and how to take them.


CBD crystals are isolated extractions of cannabidiol. This makes them the purest CBD concentrate available. Whereas other cannabis and CBD concentrates normally contain traces of THC and other cannabinoids, CBD crystals have a purity level of at least 98–100%. Getting high, however, is out of the question. Not only do CBD crystals lack psychoactive properties, but no other plant molecules can be found either. Substances such as other cannabinoids, phytonutrients, flavonoids, and terpenes are not present in CBD crystals, except in negligible amounts.

You probably catch our drift by now, right? Nothing but the pure and isolated compound of CBD itself can be found in CBD crystals. This makes it very attractive to those seeking a natural and non-toxic supplement.


When CBD is first extracted from the plant, it still contains other compounds that affect its purity. It takes quite an extensive filtration process to produce the final end product.

In order to isolate CBD from everything else, a purifying process is necessary to filter out all the other plant material that’s left after the initial extraction. First, the waxes and lipids are removed by using a solvent and cold temperatures. This is also known as “winterisation”. After getting rid of all the excess fat, all other traces must be filtered out too, commonly by using a rotary evaporator. Eventually, all these filtering processes will isolate the CBD completely, leaving you with a crystalline white powder.


Despite the high purity level of CBD crystals, they appear to be very safe. That said, with greater potency compared to full-spectrum CBD oils, the risk of side effects associated with crystals is therefore presumed to be greater too.

Although uncommon, some side effects have been connected to CBD crystals in very few cases. These could, however, be caused by combining CBD with medications.

Side effects may include:

• Increased body temperature
• Fatigue and sleepiness
• Decreased appetite

You can check out our dedicated article to find out more on the possible side effects of CBD.


It’s widely assumed that CBD products don’t contain any THC. However, CBD oil still contains trace amounts of it.

This is because it's made by using the entire cannabis plant, not filtering it enough times to isolate the CBD exclusively. As long as the THC level remains below 0.2%, these full-spectrum CBD products can be sold legally. Such a small amount of THC is normally not enough to induce any psychoactive effects.

This is one of the reasons people prefer CBD crystals over CBD oil. They can enjoy the exact same benefits without any fear of THC being detected in their system. Furthermore, people who are sensitive to THC appreciate the fact that there is practically 0% of it in CBD crystals. There are so many more advantages, though.


There are several reasons some consider CBD crystals superior to full-spectrum CBD.

• Immediate effect: Due to their high concentration of CBD, the effects of crystals set in much faster compared to other forms of CBD. This also means you will only need very small amounts at a time.

• Zero THC: As CBD crystals are so pure, you will never have to worry about THC showing up on a drug test.

• Health benefits: Studies have shown a positive relationship between CBD crystals and various conditions of the mind and body. It’s a popular choice among those looking for a suitable supplement to take every day.

• Easy to consume: The versatility of CBD crystals is endless. There are so many different ways they can be ingested.


There are some disadvantages to CBD crystals too, depending on the user.

• Effectiveness: While crystals have a near-instant effect, it tends not to last very long, and it might not be the most well-rounded. By filtering out terpenes and other cannabinoids with their own beneficial properties, there is no chance of experiencing the “entourage effect” when taking CBD crystals.

• Dose: As mentioned before, you should stick to very small doses of concentrates. Full-spectrum CBD oil, on the other hand, is suitable for taking larger doses that last longer.

• Not easy to make yourself: Due to the complicated isolation and filtration processes necessary, CBD crystals are too complicated to make at home. It’s even dangerous. The required crystalline silica compound can only be handled under a laboratory fume cabinet.


Incorporate CBD crystals into your supplement routine by choosing from a wide range of options!


Some users prefer to “dab” their CBD crystals. Dabbing supports a pleasant taste, plus the effects usually come on instantaneously. This makes it the most popular method. After melting the crystals, you inhale the vapor using a dab rig or wax vaporizer. When you are first starting out, a dabbing tool might come in handy. Simply heat the dab tool with a lighter so the crystals will stick, then place them on the hot nail of the rig to melt them. Inhale and enjoy.


Mix your crystals with your e-liquid and nobody will know that you are vaping CBD. Just add some crystals to your e-liquid bottle, and shake until it’s dissolved. For dosing, stick to approximately 200mg per 10ml of e-liquid. Some liquids tend to mix better than others. In some cases, you might need to heat it in order for it to completely dissolve. Do this carefully, for example by holding the bottle above a hot bath.


Create edibles by mixing the crystals with your cooking fats. You will simply be ingesting them through your meals. Mixing them into your favourite drinks is also an option. Keep an eye out for all the edible products that already have CBD crystals added in as well. The chocolates are very much desired!


You can make your own super-potent CBD oil by mixing the crystals into various oils. This could be coconut, hemp, or olive oil for cooking, but also cosmetic oils. Think of massage oils, for example. This is also a very convenient way to focus on certain areas of the body, as the skin absorbs it perfectly. For the same reason, creams/lotions are also perfect candidates to mix your crystals with. Think of body lotion, shea butter, or lip and body balms.


Now that you know all the advantages and disadvantages of CBD crystals, it’s up to you to decide if they’re right for you! Many users attest to the benefits of CBD crystals, and by weighing out the pros and cons, you may find them to be worth a try. As there are so many different ways to take CBD, and crystals in particular, you can choose which best suits your needs. Each method allows you to control the dose so you can safely try very little amounts at a time, and go from there.

Luke Sumpter
Luke Sumpter

Luke has worked as a cannabis journalist and health science researcher for the past seven years. Over this time, he’s developed an advanced understanding of endocannabinoid system science, cannabis phytochemistry, and cultivation techniques.