A guide to weed measurements: quantities & weights

A guide to weed measurements: quantities & weights
Steven Voser

Eighths, quarters, ounces, nickels, dimes, sticks and dubs. The list of weed measurements seems endless and understanding the difference between these terms can be daunting for rookie smokers. Below, we'll explore the world of weed measurements so you'll never be confused when buying or weighing weed ever again.

Understanding cannabis weights can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re new to the world of weed. While you might be familiar with gram measurements, things can quickly become dizzying when budtenders and other vendors start talking in terms of eighths or quarters (not to mention if they use old-school slang like nickels, dimes, dubs, and zips). However, with the background and knowledge we’ll cover here, you can make sense of even the most complicated weed slang.

Cannabis amounts: a breakdown

Cannabis amounts: a breakdown

Cannabis is measured by dry weight and is usually sold by grams, ounces, or pounds which can get a little confusing. Occasionally, you might also be able to buy weed by the kilogram, although it’s not that common.

Below, we'll clarify some of the most common weed measurements, including grams, eighths, quarters, half-ounces, ounces, pounds, and kilograms.

How much is a gram of weed?

To understand gram weights, you’ll need to think back to when you first learned about measurement in math class. If you’re based in the US, and not entirely familiar with the metric system, here goes the answer; 1 gram (g) of weed is equal to 1,000 milligrams (mg) of dry weight.

Measuring out exactly 1 gram of dried flowers can be tricky sometimes, as cannabis buds aren’t always very uniform in size, shape, or weight. Hence, it’s always a good idea to have a solid relationship with your budtender or weed vendor to encourage them to tilt the scales in your favour. Unfortunately, however, that isn’t always going to happen, and there are going to be times when you are sold just a little under what you actually paid for.

Newbie weed smokers usually find themselves asking how many grams of weed they need to roll a joint. While this varies depending on your rolling style, 1 gram of weed should usually be enough for 2 regular-size joints.

While cannabis prices vary greatly around the world, 1g of good quality buds may set you back anywhere between $7–12 in the US and €8–15 in Europe. Remember, each country has a very different range of prices, and these are only ballpark figures.

How much is an ounce of weed?

1 ounce (oz) of weed is equal to 28 grams, 28,000mg, or 0.028 kilograms (kg).

Ounces are an imperial measurement for fluids and solids used in a handful of countries around the world. According to Statista, only the US, Liberia, and Myanmar officially report using mainly imperial measures. Nonetheless, in the cannabis world (which always swims against the current), imperial measures are still the most common measurements used to quantify weed.

Cannabis ounces can be further split into halves, quarters, and eighths, which we will define in more detail below. Again, prices of weed vary greatly, but 1oz of good weed usually costs between $190–330 in the US and €200–400 in Europe.

How much is an eighth of weed?

An eighth of weed refers to ⅛ of an ounce, which is equal to 3.5g or 3,500mg.

Eighths are a very common cannabis measurement and are a great choice for people who are trying a new strain or smoke semi-regularly (say a couple of times a week). Most North American dispensaries also display their menu prices in eighths.

In the US, ⅛ of weed will usually cost you between $20–40 depending on the quality and strain. In Europe, prices for an eighth of weed may vary between €25–50, again depending on the quality, variety, and the source you’re buying from.

How much is a quarter of weed?

A quarter (¼) of weed, you guessed, refers to ¼ of an ounce, which is equal to 7g or 7,000mg.

Quarters are a great measure for regular smokers (who smoke several times per week) who are buying strains they know they love. You’ll also find that some vendors, including dispensaries, start lowering their prices per gram if you offer to buy a ¼ from them.

In the US, a quarter of cannabis will usually cost between $50–90 depending on quality and strain. In Europe, expect to pay between €55–105 for a quarter.

How much is a half of weed?

1 half (½) of weed refers to a half-ounce, or 14g (14,000mg).

Half ounces are another very common weed measurement, especially among regular smokers who prefer to buy their cannabis in bulk, saving themselves multiple trips to the dispensary.

Rates for ounces vary greatly; in the US they sit between $84–145 and in Europe between €95–180. However, make sure to haggle if you're buying halves or ounces, as most dispensaries and vendors should drop their prices for these size orders.

How much is a pound or kilo of weed?

I pound of weed consists of 16 ounces (or ~454g), while a kilogram of bud weighs 1000 grams.

Unless you’re Snoop Dogg, a licensed retailer, or a big-time grower, chances are you won’t regularly be seeing or buying pounds or kilos of cannabis. Since they aren’t commonly sold, we also can’t provide reliable estimates for the price of these orders.

Slang terms for weed amounts

Slang terms for weed amounts

So, now you’re familiar with grams, ounces, pounds, and kilos. But you’ve probably also heard people talk about nickels, dimes, dubs, slices, and zips when talking about weed (especially if you live in the US). Below, there's a list to help you understand a few of these slang terms related to cannabis amounts:

What is a nickel bag?

A nickel bag refers to a money amount of weed, rather than an amount in weight. A nickel bag, therefore, is equal to $5 worth of cannabis which, depending on where you’re buying it, is roughly 0.7–1g.

What is a dime bag?

A dime bag refers to $10 worth of weed. Again, how much weed you get in a dime bag will vary, but might sit anywhere between 1–1.3g.

What is a dub?

A dub is $20 worth of cannabis, which typically weighs around 2g (give or take).

What is a slice?

Slice is a less common slang term used to refer to an eighth of weed (3.5g). While specific weed lingo varies greatly depending on where you are from, many people in the US will agree that the term “slice” originates from a “slice of pizza,” as most pizzas are usually cut into 8 slices.

What is a zip?

A “zip” is another super American slang term that refers to an ounce of weed. You may have heard it in Wiz Khalifa's “Get That Zip Off.” The term originates from the fact that ounces are typically sold in ziplock plastic bags.

Less common cannabis amounts: sticks, twenties, and fifties

The measurements and slang terms we’ve covered above are by far the most commonly used when buying cannabis. However, in some countries or states, people may buy weed in terms of sticks, twenties, and fifties.

This system is similar to that of nickels, dimes, and dubs; twenties and fifties refer to cash amounts of weed ($20 and $50, respectively), while a stick generally refers to 1 gram of weed.

Why should you weigh your weed?

Why should you weigh your weed?

Now that you’re armed with all the know-how regarding cannabis weights and measures, it’s time to put that knowledge to practice. Regardless of how much weed you consume or whether you buy it or choose to grow it yourself, you should invest in a solid set of scales to weigh your weed whenever necessary. Not only will this come in handy when you harvest (if you’re a grower) or when you buy weed, it’ll also help you manage your dosing, track your tolerance, and it will be vital if you ever want to experiment with making edibles or concentrates at home.

Moreover, getting into the habit of weighing your cannabis will also be useful whenever you buy weed. Regardless of where you buy your cannabis from—whether it's someone’s house, a coffeeshop, or a dispensary—you should be able to see exactly how much weed you’re buying. This is especially important if you're buying pre-rolled joints.

What scale should i use to weigh weed?

There are tons of scales on the market that can be used to measure weed. Any scale capable of measuring to the nearest centigram (0.01g) will work perfectly. Pocket scales (which are available at most grocery, convenience, or dollar stores) are especially useful for their size and convenience, but any reputable digital scale will do the trick. Just make sure you are choosing a scale able to measure accurately centigrams, or even better milligrams.

Can you weigh weed with a kitchen scale?

Many weed rookies ask this question, and for a good reason. Kitchen scales are, after all, probably the most common scales the majority of people have in their house besides bathroom scales. Unfortunately, we do not recommend using kitchen scales to weigh out weed as they typically aren’t sensitive enough to measure milligrams. Most kitchen scales are designed for weighing larger amounts of cooking ingredients and typically measure out gram amounts (or decigrams at best).

Cannabis amounts and growing yourself

If there’s one thing most of the cannabis community agrees on, it's the fact that you should, wherever possible, grow your own weed. Not only it is cheaper than buying flowers, but it also helps you develop a closer relationship with this ancient plant which we all hold so dearly. Best of all, when you’re growing yourself, you don’t have to worry about cannabis measurements so much (although it is always a good idea to track and weigh your harvests to keep tabs on how your garden is performing). For more information on how to grow great weed at home, make sure to check out our Grow Basics.



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