White Widow Haze

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White Widow Haze (Zambeza Seeds)
White Widow Haze (Zambeza Seeds)
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White Widow Haze (Zambeza Seeds)
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White Widow Haze: Reaches enormous heights

White Widow Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that reaches towering heights and offers mammoth yields. The strain was birthed from the crossbreeding of parent strains White Widow, Northern Light, and Super Silver Haze. The merging of these three incredible strains resulted in a powerful high that is described as bordering on the psychedelic.

The dominance of sativa genetics within White Widow Haze creates a cerebral high that is euphoric and uplifting. This trait makes the strain a great option to pull out of the stash jar when wanting to develop a creative project such as writing music. White Widow Haze is a good strain for day use and could even be utilised during jobs and tasks that are compatible with being high, in order to boost concentration and enhance focus.

When blazing a large joint or packed out bowl full of White Widow Haze, smokers can expect pleasant flavours to tease the taste buds. Hints of fruit and sugar are definitely detectable. The trichome heavy flowers produced by this strain contain an impressive THC content of 20 percent. This is enough to get experienced smokers quite stoned, and novices should definitely pace themselves one joint at a time.

White Widow Haze can grow to monstrous heights when cultivated outdoors within garden beds. The strain will reach up to the sky and can achieve enormous heights of 3m. If you are lucky enough to have access to large amounts of outdoor space that receives a good amount of sunlight each day then growing the strain should not pose any problems. If you don’t have access to such a luxury but still want to grow White Widow Haze outdoors then another option would be to cultivate this giant beast at a guerrilla grow location.

The strain is known to produce large yields of around 700g per plant when cultivated outdoors, with a flowering time of approximately 65 days. Indoor plants usually maintain a much smaller size and achieve heights of between 80 to 110cm. This is a good way to go for growers wanting to keep a low profile and easily manageable plants. Indoor plants produce yields of between 500 to 550g per square metre.

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