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Wappa (Paradise Seeds)
Wappa (Paradise Seeds)
Wappa (Paradise Seeds)
Wappa (Paradise Seeds)
Wappa (Paradise Seeds)
Wappa (Paradise Seeds)
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Wappa (Paradise Seeds)
Wappa (Paradise Seeds)
Wappa (Paradise Seeds)
Indica-dominant (60%)
Smell & flavour

Awards & recognition

1st place
1 - Cannabis Champs Cup - Toronto Canada 2014
1st place
3 - Copa de Canarias 2011
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Wappa: easy-growing indica with gentle effect

Wappa is an award-winning indica that brings a whole lot of great qualities to the table. The medium-sized plant is easy to grow which makes her suitable even for new growers. She is a very good producer that rewards with a tasty harvest that is potent, yet not overwhelming. This makes her a great smoke for any time of the day because she doesn’t drag you down like some stronger strains.

Wappa is a 60% indica that well-deserves to be called a fabulous all-rounder. She grows to a stalky and sturdy plant that fits pretty much everywhere and makes a particular good figure when you grow her indoors. The proven Skunk genetics that are making her background give her good robustness and growing stability that will keep troubles away. With her good calyx-to-leaf ratio her flowers are easy to manicure as well.

You can also grow her outdoors where she can tolerate even a less than optimal climate, like in the UK and other parts of northern Europe although she will yield best if she gets all the sun that she can get. Indoors, she brings good yields of up to 450g to the table and if you grow her outdoors you can expect as much as 500g per plant.

Smoking Wappa is a very joyful experience since she has just the right potency to provide a superbly smooth and balanced effect without the couch lock. Rather than knock you out cold like some of the stronger indicas out there, you can go on with whatever you are doing, but now happily smiling, with new positive energy and a nice touch of relaxation!

With her ability to calm you and to lift your mood she is also a great plant for medicinal users. Her taste will please as much as her great high, she will make your mouth water with her aroma that is pleasantly sweet and fruity.

Wappa is a superb all-rounder strain that is difficult to resist once you get a taste of her. Her awesomely balanced high and her great taste can make both, indica and sativa lovers fall in love with her.

Grow your own Wappa

Grow difficulty
Flowering type
Flowering time
8-9 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
Mid October
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
Height (indoor)
Height (outdoor)

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