Vanilla Ice Autoflowering

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Vanilla Ice Autoflowering (Zambeza Seeds)
Vanilla Ice Autoflowering (Zambeza Seeds)
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Vanilla Ice Autoflowering (Zambeza Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Vanilla Ice Autoflowering: Offers a relaxed indica high

Vanilla Ice Autoflowering is an indica dominant hybrid strain that is the result of the crossbreeding of Vanilla Ice and cannabis ruderalis genetics. The indica dominant nature of this strain results in a high that is characterised by typical indica traits such as relaxation, calmness, and an overall stoned feeling.

The THC content within the flowers of this strain is around 13 percent. This moderate amount of the psychoactive cannabinoid means the strain won’t leave users feeling overwhelmed and too stoned to function, depending on how much is smoked in a session. This amount of THC allows users to smoke a good amount and still remain fairly alert and awake, allowing conversation to continue flowing without falling asleep. However, the indica traits of this strain do make it a better smoke to experience during the evening and nighttime hours.

After taking a toke from a vape or joint loaded with the processed flowers of Vanilla Ice Autoflowering, one of the first things smokers will notice is the pleasant tastes of sugar and vanilla roll over the taste buds. This sensual treat will shortly be followed by a relaxing and chilled out high that is more than likely to lead to some good and humorous conversation.

Vanilla Ice Autoflowering can be grown well in both indoor and outdoor environments. When grown indoors within grow tents and grow rooms plants can reach heights of up to 90cm. Indoor plants usually achieve yields of approximately 350g per square metre.. On the other hand, outdoor plants vary quite a bit and will grow to between 50-100cm.

Outdoor plants will provide yields of between 100-175g per plant. The small stature of this plant when grown either indoors or outdoors makes it a wonderful choice for growers who have little space to contend with. Equally, such a short size makes the strain easy hidden out of sight and will add discretion to any grow operation.

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Grow difficulty
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From seed to harvest
8-9 weeks
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
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Height (outdoor)

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