The Church

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The Church (Greenhouse Seeds)
The Church (Greenhouse Seeds)
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The Church (Greenhouse Seeds)
Indica-dominant (60%)
Smell & flavour

The Church: Godly indica/sativa hybrid

Get ready because here we have an outstanding Sativa/Indica hybrid that will make you a believer! The Church is a cross between two popular and potent strains, a Super Skunk and a Northern Lights together with a Swiss (!) Sativa hybrid that’s called “Erdbeer”, which is German for Strawberry. This mix of great strains together with the fact that strains from Switzerland are not exactly very common sure may draw some curiosity among cannabis lovers like it did with us.

The Church really delivers the full package, from her great flavour to excellent yields and then some crazy potency and this wouldn’t even be all if we want to describe why this strain is really something extraordinary but let’s get started with her growing traits.

If you live in Europe and unless you are fortunate to happen to live in the Mediterranean like in Spain or Southern Italy, the climate is always a concern when you grow weed. The Church is well suited for these not so optimal locations since she can tolerate humidity quite well with her natural resistance to mould. She grows rather compact and bushy and is also excellent if you want to grow her ScrOG style or if you want a plant that responds very well to LST like she does.

Get ready for quite some religious experience with The Church at harvest time! She can yield a staggering 500g/m² in good conditions and if you grow her outdoors she comes close to the 1kg mark with yielding as much as 900g per plant! Her flowering is a pleasantly short 8 weeks.

If you’re still having doubts about your faith with The Church after that, well this one is easy: Just smoke her! The Church is a Sativa/Indica hybrid that brings 20% of THC to the altar ... uhm, table which makes her one massively potent plant that you will absolutely enjoy!

Her high starts out like a typical Indica, very relaxing but then gets nicely upbeat, social and motivating which makes The Church a good smoke that you can share with some friends. Great if you want to have a good time and a superb mood lifter! She can also be recommended if you want some herbal help with treating depression and other mood disorders.

The Church comes really close to perfection and we're quite certain she'll "convert you" and make you a true believer after you had some hits!

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Grow difficulty
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Flowering time
8 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
End of September/October
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
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