Sweet Skunk Autoflowering

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Sweet Skunk Autoflowering (Sweet Seeds)
Sweet Skunk Autoflowering (Sweet Seeds)
Sweet Skunk Autoflowering (Royal Queen Seeds)
Sweet Skunk Autoflowering (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Sweet Skunk Autoflowering (Sweet Seeds)
Sweet Skunk Autoflowering (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica-dominant (60%) autoflowering
Critical Mass Autoflowering
Smell & flavour

Sweet Skunk Auto: Traditional skunk genetics in an auto package

Sweet Skunk Auto is an autoflowering cannabis variety. It combines cloned Skunk genetics with an auto version of Critical Mass to make for a powerful, easy-to-grow strain that doesn’t compromise quality or yields.

The effects of Sweet Skunk Auto are reminiscent of traditional Skunk varieties. Expect to feel uplifted, happy, and euphoric even after just a few small hits from a joint or vape. After that, sit back and relax as a subtle body buzz starts to come in, leaving you relaxed yet clear.

For many users, Sweet Skunk Auto is a great daytime strain which leaves them relaxed and euphoric yet still energetic enough to get on with their regular responsibilities. Others may also find a burst of creative energy after using this strain.

As a medical strain, Sweet Skunk Auto also boasts a lot of potential. Many users will find that the strong, uplifting euphoria it produces is great for tackling stress, a low mood, or even fatigue. On the other hand, some users may treasure the subtle underlying indica effects great for dealing with physical pain, inflammation, or even muscle spasms. Finally, some users may also find Sweet Skunk Auto great for relieving depression, nausea, or a lack of appetite.

The aromas and flavors of this strain are also very reminiscent of original Skunk varieties. Expect an extremely pungent skunk-like aroma coupled with sweet undertones and lightly scented with hints of spice. The flavors are fresh, and also combine spicy, slightly woody notes as well.

Being an autoflowering variety, Sweet Skunk Auto is very easy to grow and a great option for both beginner and advanced gardeners. IIt does well both indoors and out, although harvests are slightly better when grown indoors under a decent light. These plants grow to very manageable heights of between 60-90cm.

However, despite their small stature, they still produce heavy harvest which can reach up to 500g/m² indoors and 150 grams per plant outdoors. Best of all, Sweet Skunk Auto finishes in just 7.5 weeks, at which point you’ll be readily rewarded with delicious buds.

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