Super Critical Autoflowering

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Super Critical Autoflowering (Greenhouse Seeds)
Super Critical Autoflowering (Greenhouse Seeds)
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Super Critical Autoflowering (Greenhouse Seeds)
Indica-dominant (80%) autoflowering
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Super Critical Autoflowering: Fast & easy auto indica

Super Critical Autoflowering is a mix between the high-yielding Big Bud, a classic Skunk and the potent White Widow. Some Ruderalis has been added as well to give her autoflowering ability. With this trio of top strains in her genes, it’s not surprising to see that the new creation turned out outstanding in many ways.

Seen from a growing side of things, Super Critical Autoflowering is a ridiculously easy growing plant with a very short lifespan of only 7 weeks. What makes her special is that she can grow well even in colder climates. This makes Super Critical Autoflowering a good choice for growers who grow in climates like in the UK, Germany or Poland.

Aside from her tolerance for such “not so optimal” conditions, she still impresses with incredible yields of up to 800g/m². She is also well responding if you want to grow her in SoG style. Given her short flowering time and how well she can tolerate colder weather, she can be the ideal plant for multiple harvests all year long!

When she grows, Super Critical Autoflowering will develop sizeable flowers that will have some orange and reddish pistils. Her fat buds will be covered with a thick and shiny coat of sparkling trichomes, giving the entire plant a gorgeous appearance when she sparkles in the sun.

Super Critical Autoflowering grows easy and fast but she does so without compromises. Smoke her and enjoy her wonderful complex mix of sweet and spicy flavours, leaving no doubt about the quality of the bud coming from this autoflower. Like her superb flavour, her effect is equally that of first grade cannabis. She is strong, fast-hitting and long-lasting. As the top indica she is, she will make for a powerful physical effect that is very relaxing and calming with a power to get rid of stress and worries in no time.

If you smoke some more, get ready for spending some time locked on your couch – but in a state of pure bliss and happiness with a huge smile on your face! Because of her potency, Super Critical Autoflowering also has some good therapeutic potential for the treatment of pain and other conditions.

If there is one autoflowering hybrid that can deliver it all, Super Critical Autoflowering sure comes pretty close to deserving this title. The incredible easy-growing and resilient autoflower is sheer fun when you grow her and definitely won’t disappoint at harvest-time!

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From seed to harvest
10-11 weeks
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