Super Bud

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Super Bud (Greenhouse Seeds)
Super Bud (Greenhouse Seeds)
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Super Bud (Greenhouse Seeds)
Indica-dominant (80%)
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Super Bud: Spectacular Yields & Effect

We’re aware that calling “Super Bud” super is sort-of a lame but then we think if there is one strain that deserves to be called so it’s this one for sure. Super Bud is a cross between a Big Bud and a Skunk and to name just one of her outstanding qualities let’s just start with her unreal yields.

Super Bud can yield insane amounts when you grow her indoors. Plant her outdoors and in good conditions and you may go home with a whopping kilo from each plant. When you see this crazy amount of buds brimming before your eyes you’d possibly wish that you had some help with carrying this load!

It’s noteworthy to mention that Super Bud will give you these monster yields without growing too tall. She is actually a rather stalky plant than grows a nice number of branches. Seeing that she was created with Big Bud genetics we probably won’t have to say that she’ll grow some impressively sized monster flowers.

Despite her yields, Super Bud is actually easy to grow and doesn’t really need much maintenance. She thrives well indoors or outdoors and responses especially well to SoG or SCRoG style growing. She has a decently short flowering time of 8 weeks.

Now, quantity is all nice and good and no sane grower will mind monster buds and monster harvests. Check! But let’s look at the finer qualities that Super Bud has to offer, aside from impressive numbers alone!

Big Bud doesn’t just yield a ton, but she does it with no compromises! She is a very good resin producer and brings a good amount of various beneficial cannabinoids to the table, along with her THC content that measures a decent 17%. It’s her combination of CBN (1.9%) with a hint of CBD and then some massive trichomes production that gives Super Bud her excellent flavour and perhaps more importantly what makes for her spectacular effect!

When you smoke Big Bud, her high starts out with a slight euphoria that will immediately get rid of whatever stress and worries you may have, “Poof!” just like that and then have her put a giant smile on your face basically as an added bonus. But her awesome effect will give you even more, not that there would be anything wrong with lifting your mood, but it gets even better!

Your high from smoking will then turn into an extremely calming relaxation, owing to her good CBN and CBD levels. This combination of euphoria and then her powerful physical effect are not just making for an enjoyable experience but give Super Bud also her big therapeutic potential!

She can be a good choice if you want help treating the symptoms of a variety of health conditions like chronic pains, cramps, muscle tension, sleeping troubles and many more. Or differently spoken: She makes for an awesome smoke that is incredibly versatile and a top choice for everyone from medicinal users to those who simply love to enjoy some first class cannabis!

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