Special Queen 1

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Special Queen 1 (Royal Queen Seeds)
Special Queen 1 (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Special Queen 1 (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Power Bud
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Special Queen 1: Classic Skunk Goodness

The Skunk lovers out there know that it’s not exactly difficult to find one of the many Skunk varieties that had been created by various breeders in the last two or so decades. Pretty much every seed bank back then jumped on the train to bring out “their” special Skunk, their special Skunk breed that can best replicate (or improve on) this classic strain with its Afghani, Columbian and Mexican roots.

But rather than forever looking for the “best” Skunk (and possibly get disappointed on the way there) how about simply growing the Special Queen?! Special Queen 1 is a classic and pretty much perfect Skunk variety that that gives you all the Skunk goodness that you could ever want and then some!

Naming all of the qualities of the Special Queen and telling the Skunk lovers why they really can’t go wrong when they grow her may well take some time, but let’s just try it to help you for an easy decision.

First, she’s rather easy-going and doesn’t stretch much which mean she’ll stay below 1.5m when you grow her indoors. Outdoors on the other hand you could choose to let her go at it for some monster yields because it’s there where she could reach 3m in good conditions. She will spread her aromatic buds all over to give you indoor yields up to 500g/m² and an outdoor harvest of over 550g per plant - and she does it in a short 8 weeks which sure is another plus when you grow her.

Skunks have never been difficult to grow and Special Queen sure isn’t an exception there. She will do very well whether you grow her in soil or in hydro and she especially likes it in a nice SoG or ScrOG setup because this allows her (and you!) to really max out her yields. Because she’s so easy and hassle-free to grow, she can also be a good strain choice for new growers that don't have a lot experience.

When you smoke the Queen, better get ready for a delightful Skunk stone that made Skunks so popular among weed lovers. She’ll make for a very strong smoke that sure will have you sky-high in no time (THC levels measure a good 18%), very mental but also incredibly relaxing, the classic Skunk high!

Of course, her flavour won’t disappoint either, typical Skunk which means she's incredibly tasty, a classic flavour that made Skunk strains a favourite of so many cannabis lovers, back then and still today!

“Serious” stoners can’t go wrong when they grow themselves some classic Skunk and the Special Queen makes it super-easy and always rewarding!

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Grow difficulty
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Flowering time
7-8 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
End of September/October
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By 0Zerothree3 Sep 1-2019
This one is top notch. I have grown it for seven years straight. I have an email from RQS and what is being called “Power Bud” and “Mexican & Colombian influences” on the description ‘here’ are actually (Acapulco Gold x Columbian Gold) x Skunk #1. I also raise the “BS flag” on the 18%. This strain usually is a very heavy hitter and above average yields. Nobody I know has ever ever said it wasn’t strong AF. If it ain’t then it don’t stay around, on account of chronic pain. Like I said, it has stayed. 8 weeks flat of 12/12 as the lunar calendar counts. 5⭐️s