Skunk XL

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Skunk XL (Royal Queen Seeds)
Skunk XL (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Skunk XL (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica/sativa (50/50)
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Skunk XL: a balance between sativa and indica genetics

Skunk XL is a classic strain that has laid the foundation for many of the marijuana seeds around today. This strain was birthed into existence through the crossbreeding of Colombian, Mexican and Afghan land races, creating a genetically diverse and rich end product. Skunk XL is a balanced strain in that its genetic makeup is 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa. This strain has been worked on over many years in order to refine its sweet tastes and large flowers.

When smoking this strain smokers can expect to experience the balance between indica and sativa genetics that is represented by Skunk XL. The strain causes a rather strong body high that ignites the usual relaxing and calming effects always associated with indica strains. In contrast, the sativa elements of the strain compliment the stone by adding a slightly energetic and cerebral touch into the mix. This combination makes for a strain that is both powerfully stoning yet functional and motivating.

Skunk XL is a hardy, durable and adaptive strain. This impressive and desirable quality means the strain can tolerate harsher conditions than range for mild to cold climates. This means the plant can be successfully grown in outdoor regions that span as far north of areas of the UK and Holland.

When grown indoors in a grow tent or empty room, Skunk XL can reach heights of up to 1 meter and will produce significant yields in this environment. When Skunk XL is grown outdoors in a decent climate within garden beds or guerilla grow locations, the strain can literally double in size and gain heights of 2 metres. When grown in a favourable climate, outdoors yields are typically bigger due to an increase in size.

The flowering period of Skunk XL lasts between 7 to 8 weeks and produces buds with a THC content of 17 percent. If grown outdoors, this strain will be ready to harvest in October.

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