Six Shooter

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Six Shooter (FastBuds)
Six Shooter (FastBuds)
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Six Shooter (FastBuds)
Indica/sativa autoflowering
Crystal Meth
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Six Shooter: A big yielder!

Six Shooter is a hybrid autoflowering cannabis strain crossing Crystal Meth and Mexican Airlines genetics. The effects of Six Shooter are very intense with a fast onset. Even in small doses, this strain will produce a strong initial sense of euphoria like you’d expect from a sativa. This usually leaves users stoned but still able to concentrate, socialize, and stay active.

Gradually, however, more indica-like effects take over which eventually lead to full body relaxation. Most users enjoy this strain at night time when productivity, motivation, or creativity aren’t a huge concern. Six Shooter boast extremely high THC levels (21%) which puts most other auto varieties to shame.

From a medical perspective, Six Shooter may help in treating a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. Although the strain is powerful, it generally isn’t associated with causing racing thought or too much cerebral stimulation. Instead, it leaves most users relaxed, happy, and probably a little hungry.

These properties may be helpful in treating symptoms of stress, anxiety, and possibly even depression. Some users may also find it a great option for treating physical pain, seeing as it produces long-lasting indica-like effects.

Six Shooter also boasts delicious flavors and aromas. A fresh batch of these buds will give off very pungent fresh pine aromas enhanced with citrus undertones and hints of black pepper. The flavor is a little more fresh and mellow, although the pine, citrus, and pepper notes are still all there, making for a delicious smoking/vaping experience.

As an autoflowering variety, Six Shooter is a great strain for growers of all skill levels. It can flourish in both indoor and outdoor environment and grow to very manageable heights of roughly 100-140 cm. It produces a big, beefy main cola and smaller, but still gorgeous, side colas. Despite its size and auto genetics, the strain still produces great yields which can easily top 500 g/m2 indoors and up to 350 grams per plant outdoors. Best of all, it takes just 9 weeks to reach harvest time after germination.

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