Royal Cheese Autoflowering

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Royal Cheese Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
Royal Cheese Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Royal Cheese Automatic (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Royal Cheese Autoflowering: Fantastic Cheese variety to grow

Cheese strains are among the most popular strains for many connoisseurs because of their distinct aroma and taste that some liken to the smell of cheese. Royal Cheese Automatic is a fabulous Cheese variety that is created from Skunk genetics like the original Cheese strain but with some Ruderalis magic added to make her autoflowering which means that she’s really super-easy to grow.

Royal Cheese Automatic might not look like much since she will only get to a maximum height of 100cm with many plants likely staying below that. Yet, she can deliver a complete and very satisfying Cheese smoking experience much like her feminised sisters. When grown in good conditions, she is rewarding with quite generous yields for an autoflower. On average, you can expect as much as 160g cheesy bud goodness per plant outdoors although some growers have reported that they got as much as 210g from one single plant.

Since Royal Cheese Automatic is an autoflower, she will eagerly grow and not cause any troubles during her short life cycle. New growers won’t have to worry about light schedules because the plant will conveniently start to flower on her own after a few weeks of growing. She will be ready to harvest in just 10 weeks after germination.

With some other autoflowering cannabis strains it may well be that the grower needs to accept some compromises, either when it comes to potency, flavour or the yields of a strain. Because of her excellent genetics you won’t have these worries with Royal Cheese Automatic!

When you smoke her, you will get the same great flavour and taste of the Original which is unmistakably Cheese: Her aroma is very pungent with the famous cheesy Skunk notes that delight cannabis lovers ever since the Cheese strains came to the scene! With 15% of THC she is also potent enough to make for a strong physical indica high that is very calming and relaxing.

For all indica fans and the Cheese lovers in particular, Royal Cheese Autoflowering is a fantastic autoflowering Cheese variety to grow. She is uncomplicated, grows fast and rewards with generous amounts of some super-tasty Cheese bud. Differently spoken: you can’t go wrong if you grow her!

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