Red Critical Auto

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Red Critical Auto
Red Critical Auto
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Red Critical Auto
Indica-dominant (60%) autoflowering
Critical Autoflowering
Smell & flavour
Indoors, outdoors or greenhouse

Red Critical Auto: Stunning Colours and Resinous Flowers

Red Critical Auto has a lot to offer with its undemanding plants, hefty yields, sensational beauty, and relaxing effects. This variety combines a female Critical Auto with a 4th-generation male bearing colourful red flowers. Red Critical Auto inherited this ability to produce a stunning display of reds and purples, making for striking plants and an eye-catching final product.

With 60% indica influence, Red Critical Auto is reliable and resilient in the grow-op, offering abundant yields of moderately potent bud come harvest.

Aroma, Flavour, and Effect of Red Critical Auto: Sweet and Spicy Terps

The bouquet of this flashy strain is heavily influenced by floral notes that combine beautifully with spicy and sweet hints. Red Critical Auto can be appreciated in a joint or vaporizer, but it also lends itself well to concentrates and edibles, where the contrasting flavours and aromas really pop.

The effects of Red Critical Auto are quite stoning and sure to mellow users out, preparing them for restful sleep. With a THC level of 19%, Red Critical Auto is best enjoyed when it's time to sit down and relax while listening to your favourite music or watching a good movie.

Growing Red Critical Auto: Dense, Sticky Buds

Beginner growers can have a very rewarding experience cultivating Red Critical Auto, as plants are forgiving and easy to look after. Basic care and TLC is all it takes to produce respectable returns of highly resinous and dank flowers. This density is something to take into account, as the buds can fall victim to mould if they don’t receive enough airflow in late flowering. Indoors, Red Critical Auto can produce 300–450g/m², while up to 250g/plant is possible outdoors. The entire life cycle of this variety is a brief 8–9 weeks.

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From seed to harvest
10-11 weeks
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