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Quick One (Royal Queen Seeds)
Quick One (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Quick One (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica-dominant (60%) autoflowering
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Quick One: Super-fast, easy & compact autoflower

The Quick One is a formidable strain that managed to set cannabis records not just once but twice! Firstly, she was one of the fastest growing strains ever when she was released hence her name. Secondly, she had been one of the first autoflowering strains with the help of Lowryder genetics which is the Original Autoflowering strain.

For cannabis growers back then, this new range of "automatic" strains that now grew without worries about light hours and light schedules had been nothing but sensational! From then on, all you needed to do is plant your seed, water your plant and give some nutes and that’s all there was to it if you want grow yourself some awesome weed – a true revolution no doubt!

Quick One today is still an excellent strain that sure didn’t become “bad” just because some time went by. She has the excellent Northern Lights genetics, together with a Williams Wonder and then some Ruderalis magic to make her autoflowering.

It may nor be "sensational" any longer that the Quick One only needs 8-9 weeks to be ready for harvest, yet this is still exceptionally short when you know that there are strains that can take as long as 10-12 weeks only for flowering!

Despite all of her autoflowering wizardry that she brings to the table, Quick One has the added benefit of being a nicely compact plant that won’t get much taller than 50cm. The small size as well had been sort of like a revolution because it meant that growers could now grow cannabis practicably everywhere, even in small closets with a grow light or in their yards where growing some 3m monster would probably not be the best idea if you want to keep things a little under the radar.

While the Quick One is small and compact, she still gives some decent yields of up to 150g per plant and if things go exceptionally well maybe even more. She has a refreshing taste that nicely blends spicy herbal notes with fruit aromas. Not too intensive but a little on the milder side which makes smoking her a very pleasant experience.

With her being mostly Indica and then her decent amount of THC (13%) she won’t knock you off your socks and then keep you in a weed-induced coma for hours but still makes for an awesomely relaxing stone as you’d expect from a great Indica.

Because of all these fantastic qualities and how easy it is to grow her, Quick One is still a superb autoflower that’s definitely worth growing!

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8-9 weeks
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