Quick Caramel XL

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Quick Caramel XL
Quick Caramel XL
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Quick Caramel XL
Indica-dominant (65%)
White Rhino x Blueback x Maple Leaf Indica
Smell & flavour

Quick Caramel XL: Sweet-tasting but hard-hitting

Many veteran cannabis enthusiasts prefer their herbs to have an extra-strong kick. If you’re one of them, you’ll surely enjoy Quick Caramel XL. At 17% THC, it packs a decent punch that may make you rethink your plans for the night.

Aroma, Flavour, and Effect of Quick Caramel XL: Syrupy With a Powerful Punch

If you choose Quick Caramel XL, expect your taste buds to be coated with a sweet taste for a while. Specifically, a smooth, syrupy flavour with a few earthy hints.

And, as we mentioned earlier, this one hits hard. As you progress through an evening of smoking, you’ll likely see yourself glued to your favourite chair for a while. After a few more tokes, expect to be locked in for the night.

For obvious reasons, Quick Caramel XL isn’t for daytime consumption. But, it does have a little more CBD than typical strains—roughly 3%. This can help ease any tensions and aches you may have from a day’s work.

Cultivating Quick Caramel XL: Easy Plant, Easy Grow

Adaptability is another trait of Quick Caramel XL. It can endure pest attacks and feeding mistakes that many beginner growers commit. You will need to tend to it properly, but it is a straightforward experience overall.

It takes 7-8 weeks for Quick Caramel XL to go from seed to fully-bloomed buds. If you plan to grow indoors, be aware she can reach up to a metre tall, so you’ll need a lot of space for her respectable yields (up to 500gr/m²). Quick Caramel XL will grow a bit shorter for outdoor growers, but the high yields should compensate for that.

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7-8 weeks
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