Purple Stilton Autoflowering

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Purple Cheese Autoflowering (Auto Seeds)
Purple Cheese Autoflowering (Auto Seeds)
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Purple Cheese Autoflowering (Auto Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Purple Stilton Auto: Beautiful compact autoflower

Purple Stilton is one of these compact autoflowers that is much greater than what you’d expect from just looking at her size alone. She shines with a nice flavour when you smoke her, a high CBD content that gives her good medicinal potential and with an effect that is incredible relaxing.

The cross between a Purple #1, a Blue Cheese and an Auto #1 sure won’t grow to tall given that she will only get to a height of 50-80cm. This makes Purple Stilton a good choice to grow everywhere where space is limited. Rest assured she will just love this empty spot on your balcony or terrace! She’s also a good plant if you don’t want to draw too much attention with your stealthy guerrilla grow!

When she grows, she will develop beautiful blue and purple hues all over that will be especially vibrant when night-time temperatures are getting colder. She will grow fast and vigorously and is ready to be harvested in a short 60-80 days after germination.

Although Purple Stilton is a sativa/indica hybrid with some added Ruderalis, her indica side dominates when you have the pleasure to smoke her. She has a wonderful mild and fruity aroma to her but you can still taste the original Cheese that comes through with some musty flavour tones.

Because of her potent Cheese genetics she can deliver a powerful, classic indica stone that will be very relaxing, just the right thing to get rid of stress and to forget about your worries and troubles in no time! With the high levels of CBD in her smoke she has good therapeutic potential and can be a good plant to grow also for medicinal users.

Purple Stilton is a highly-rewarding autoflower that can be a top choice if your growing space is limited or if you want an uncomplicated strain for some urban guerrilla growing. Her taste and aroma are top notch and so is her high, despite her being very easy to grow.

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