Purple Queen Automatic

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Purple Queen Automatic
Purple Queen Automatic
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Purple Queen Automatic
Indica-dominant (80%) autoflowering
Purple Queen x Critical Auto
Smell & flavour
Indoors, outdoors or greenhouse

Purple Queen Automatic: Dazzling Purple Buds and a Stoning High

Purple Queen Automatic puts on a show. Her flowers boast impressive shades of deep purple, dark green, and vibrant orange. Aside from looking the part, her buds also possess a respectable serving of THC—far exceeding that of old-school autos, but not on par with most photo-feminized strains. Overall, she serves as a feast for both the eyes and nose, not to mention the mind and body.

The visual delight that is the original Purple Queen is responsible for the charming aesthetics and tantalising terpenes of its progeny, while Critical Auto was selected to infuse the strain with autoflowering properties, good productivity, and high THC levels. After crossbreeding these parent strains for a few generations, they landed on a stable phenotype composed of 15% sativa, 80% indica, and 5% ruderalis.

Aroma, Flavour, and Effects of Purple Queen Automatic: Citrus Scents and Mood-Boosting Highs

Somehow, even the look of these flowers tells you you’re about to get stoned. The cool purple shades and indica-dominant genetics work in complementary fashion. After taking a few hits of these buds, you’ll feel a relaxing and mellow sensation wash over your muscles. Tension leaves as reflection and stillness arrive. Play some Jimi Hendrix, sink your teeth into some waffles, and let the music carry you away.

Her THC content of 16% occupies the middle-ground between completely stoned and stone sober. She elevates the mood without getting smokers too high to function. Bring these buds to chill social gatherings to fuel deep conversations and good vibes, without getting locked to the couch. And your friends won't likely be disappointed with your offering. Each hit is washed down with citrusy, earthy terpenes that give off an undeniably fresh vibe.

Growing Purple Queen Automatic: A Bounty of Purple Bud

Purple Queen Automatic reaches an average height of 100cm, regardless of where she's raised, and produces broad-fingered leaves—an indication of her indica lineage. Indoor plants produce a maximum yield of 400g/m², allowing cultivators to achieve a respectable personal stash in limited space. Expect to harvest these plants only 8–9 weeks after placing seeds in the soil. Outdoor specimens offer a return of 100–150g/plant and reach their full potential in a mild climate.

Grow your own Purple Queen Automatic

Grow difficulty
Flowering type
Flowering time
6-7 weeks
From seed to harvest
8-9 weeks
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
Height (indoor)
Height (outdoor)

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