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Power Flower (Royal Queen Seeds)
Power Flower (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Power Flower (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Power Flower: Derived from South African sativa varieties

Power Flower is a sativa dominant strain derived from South African sativa varieties. The strain is composed of 88 percent sativa genetics and only 12 percent indica genetics. Power Flower has an interesting history to its name and is the result of a breeding program conducted by a group of Dutch cultivators. The group travelled to South Africa in order to expand their genetic library and ended up using their bounty to create the strain Power Plant, an extremely popular strain within the weed tolerant city of Amsterdam. Power Flower is an attempt to recreate the best properties of this famous strain.

Power Flower produces a high that ignites the mind and relaxes the body. The sativa dominance of the strain ensures that the majority of the high is cerebral and exhilarating. The indica genetics within plants add a slight body high that is defined by sleepy and calming sensations. This balance of energetic relaxation makes the strain a multipurpose smoke that can be used at different times and for different reasons depending upon the mood of the smoker. When blazing blunts and bongs containing Power Flower smokers can expect to experience the contrasting flavours of sweet and sour attacking their taste buds from all angles. The aroma of the buds also features scents that match this same description.

Power Flower buds contain an impressive THC content of around 19 percent. This amount is enough to get experienced smokers stoned, yet isn’t sky high enough to render people couch locked and overwhelmed. The medium CBD content found within the flowers gives the strain some medical potential.

Power Flower can be grown successfully both indoors and outdoors. If growing the strain within an indoor grow space you can expect to see it reach heights of around 80 to 120cm. This compact size enables many plants to be grown within a relatively small space. Indoors yields usually achieve 500 to 550g per square metre. Outdoor plants achieve taller heights of between 160 and 200cm and produce yields of between 500 and 550g per plants. Power Flower can thrive in cold climates and harvest time usually occurs during October.

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