Pakistan Ryder

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Pakistan Ryder (World Of Seeds)
Pakistan Ryder (World Of Seeds)
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Pakistan Ryder (World Of Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
Pakistan Valley
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Pakistan Ryder: Indica-dominant autoflowering strain

Pakistan Ryder was brought to the cannabis world after breeding autoflowering cannabis ruderalis genetics with Pakistan Valley, a strain originating from the deep valleys of the Hindu Kush mountain range. Pakistan Ryder is an indica dominant plant that also shares it genetics with ruderalis, giving it the much appreciated indica characteristics of a body high combined with meditative and sleepy qualities.

The ruderalis genetics introduced to that plant give it the ability to flower over a certain period of time without the grower needing to go out of their way to change the light cycle, a task that is required in order to force other varieties into the flowering phase of the grow cycle. From seed to harvest this strain will take only 45-55 days.

As is the case with many strains that have been gifted autoflowering genetics, they are highly suited to beginner grows due to the compact size, speed of growth and ease when it comes to leaving the plant to do its thing. Pakistan Ryder is a small and compact plant which also means it is ideal for hidden grows, it can blend in entirely well in any outdoor herb garden and can also save space when it comes to larger grows. It could even be grown in a stealthy manner in a kitchen or bathroom for super low key hobby grows.

Pakistan Ryder will grow between 40 and 80 cm independently of being grown indoor or outdoors. This truly makes the strain a dwarf, however it should not be judged on its size, it can pack a powerfully potent punch.

When growing this indica and ruderalis hybrid indoors, growers can expect a yield of around 500 g per meter squared. Alternatively, when growing outdoors growers can expect to yields of up to 60 g. Pakistan Ryder is clearly a better suited strain to grow indoors where it may favour the environment.

Growers can expect to be picking the strong buds provided by this plant around 50 days after germination has taken place, making it a fast and efficient strain to choose if time is a factor that influences choice.

The heavy indica properties of this strain means that Pakistan Ryder does offer some medical potential, especially for conditions that involve lack of sleep and pain. The effect when smoked is primarily a relaxing one, however it is very potent and narcotic, with buds offering a THC percentage of 20.

When it comes to the tastes of this strain, Pakistan Ryder has a woody taste, accompanied by a hash scent.

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