Northern Delights Autoflowering

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Northern Delights Auto (VIP Seeds)
Northern Delights Auto (VIP Seeds)
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Northern Delights Auto (VIP Seeds)
Indica/sativa autoflowering
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Northern Delights Auto: mixes Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze Auto

Northern Delights Auto truly is a wonderful mix of cannabis genetics. Part of its genetic make up comes from the legendary and world famous strain of Northern Lights, well known and appreciated for its its relaxing and euphoric highs, enhanced by earthy and sweet tastes. The rest of its genetics stem from Skunk and Haze Auto, gifting the strain with autoflowering abilities and a fast germination to harvest rate.

Northern Delights Auto is a hybrid that brings both indica and sativa genetics into play. As an autoflowering plant it is a phenomenal strain choice for growers looking for a quick weed fix, as the strain is known to go from seed to harvest in around 65 days.

Northern Delights Auto is also a great choice of strain when it comes to growers either looking to work with a small grow space, or simply use a large grow space it cultivate as many plants as possible. This cannabis strain is known for its small and compact nature, and rarely exceeds 80 cm in height.

If growing indoors in a spare room, attic, warehouse or greenhouse, growers can expect to be harvesting around 650 g per meter squared of resin rich buds. If growing outdoors in a raised garden bed or out in the woods in a gorilla operation away from scouting eyes, growers will be harvesting around 170 g per plant of dank flowers.

The flowers harvested from Northern Lights Auto contain a high THC percentage, making the strain a good choice to recreational highs, as well as some medical application. Cannabis patients may see success with this strain when it comes to sleeping issues and maybe pain.

The high derived from the trichome heavy buds of this strain is usually in the realms of being uplifting and euphoric, enabling smokers to get stuff done in a motivated headspace.

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