Nepal Jam

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Nepal Jam (ACE Seeds)
Nepal Jam (ACE Seeds)
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Nepal Jam (ACE Seeds)
Sativa-dominant (60%)
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Nepal Jam: Super Asian genetics paired with Jamaican top weed

The Nepal Jam is a 60% Sativa that was born from an interesting combination of genetics. She combines the best of Asian cannabis that is stemming from the Nepalese highlands with genuine Jamaican ganja qualities, sure making for a unique mix and one outstanding strain that impresses with some extraordinary qualities.

The altitudes of Nepal aren’t possibly where you’d want to spend your summer vacation but the weed that grows there shines with a natural tolerance for colder climates plus a resistance to mould, powdery mildew and the ever-so-common spider mites. Obviously, these are excellent qualities that when added to a strain can make it perfect for growing in our own climates.

Now let’s add yet another star, a true 80s Jamaican and what you get is a spectacular Sativa no less. This is an easy-growing plant that does equally well if you grow her outdoors or indoors, she loves soil as much as she does hydro and sure won’t cause you any troubles.

Because of how easy it is to grow her, she's also a ood choice for less experienced growers. Nepal Jam's yields are very good with her rewarding you with up to 400g per plant if you grow her outdoors. For a Sativa, she keeps at a reasonable height of 120cm which means you shouldn’t really have any problems finding a nice spot for her pretty much everywhere. Her flowering time is a pleasantly short 9 weeks.

When you smoke Nepal Jam, get ready for a very powerful Sativa high thanks to her 14-15% of THC. Her happy and very uplifting cerebral Sativa high will set in quickly and can last for a very long time. As an added bonus, she will tickle your taste buds with an awesome aroma that nicely blends fruity notes with wooden tones.

How about a journey to Jamaica for some awesome ganja paired with a visit in the high mountain regions of Nepal? If this sounds absolutely awesome (because it sure is!) just light some Nepal Jam and enjoy this eclectic and really unique mix!

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9 weeks
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