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Joanne's CBD
Joanne's CBD
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Joanne's CBD
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Joanne's CBD is a hybrid that delivers plenty of CBD with only trace amounts of THC. As a descendant of famed CBD cultivar Juanita la Lagrimosa from Spain, Joanne’s CBD belongs to a longstanding lineage of CBD legends.

A Lineage Of CBD Legends

Joanne’s CBD is a balanced polyhybrid (50% indica, 50% sativa) whose parent strains are Juanita la Lagrimosa and Session. Lagrimosa is a highly popular CBD cultivar from Spain, and one of the first cultivars that reached a CBD content of 15%. Session, a descendant of the high-yielding CBD cultivar Kalijah, was added to boost the strain's productivity and yields.

An Easy-Growing CBD Wonder

Joanne’s CBD is an easy-growing plant that needs very little maintenance. She doesn’t demand anything special and gives good results whether grown indoors or outdoors. She is unlikely to exceed a height of 180cm, but if it becomes an issue, she can easily be tamed with pruning or by using low-stress training. Her yields are pretty good: indoors, one can see up to 550g/m² that she flowers only 7-8 weeks. In outdoor cultivation, substantial harvests of up to 475g per plant are possible.

Joanne’s CBD: Effects

Joanne’s CBD barely contains THC (0,25–0,75%) so there are no psychoactive effects. Instead, thanks to her 18% CBD content, she delivers a clear-headed and lucid effect that relaxes and eases the mind. Because she doesn’t produce a “high”, she will leave users functional throughout the day, and one doesn’t need to worry about “getting baked”.

Joanne’s CBD: Flavour And Aroma

Joanne’s CBD’ flavour profile comprises of sweet orange and citrus notes with hints of spices. This is a good variety to enjoy in a joint or using a vaporizer, and she’s equally great for making CBD-loaded edibles.

Joanne’s CBD is a great cultivar (not just!) for medicinal cannabis users.

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Flowering time
7-8 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
Early October
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Yield (outdoor)
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Height (outdoor)

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