Jack 47 Autoflowering

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Jack 47 Auto (Sweet Seeds)
Jack 47 Auto (Sweet Seeds)
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Jack 47 Auto (Sweet Seeds)
Sativa-dominant (80%) autoflowering
Smell & flavour

Jack 47 Auto: Potent and aromatic first-class autoflowering strain

Jack 47 Auto comes as close to a perfect autoflower as it can even get. Combining the legendary Jack Herer with the all-time classic AK-47 and some Ruderalis resulted in a truly epic autoflowering hybrid that delivers crazy yields of some insanely potent quality bud in record time.

Growing Jack 47 Auto couldn’t be easier and this makes her a good choice even for novice cannabis growers. Basically, all you need to do is plant your seed, water her regularly and give her some basic nutrients. Unlike many other autoflowers, Jack AK-47 Auto grows to a good height of 120cm which is just the perfect size to give you maximum yields while you can still fit her basically everywhere.

It won’t take long until you can look forward to heaps of some serious quality bud because her entire life-cycle from seed to harvest is a very short 9 weeks. She's an autoflower which means that you won’t have to worry about light schedules as with feminized cannabis strains.

In no time, she will develop a massive amount of tightly packed and very resinous bud on one large central cola and more on a number of side branches. In optimal conditions you can harvest as much as 600g/m² indoors with outdoor yields as much as 200g per plant.

But Jack 47 Auto doesn’t just delight the grower with her very good yields for an autoflower. Thanks to her famed parents, she will fill your bags with some first-grade quality bud that is very potent and has an awesome flavour as well.

When you smoke Jack 47 Auto get ready for a very aromatic yet pleasantly smooth smoke that is surprisingly sweet and fresh with some notes of oriental incense flavours. Thanks to her powerful parents she makes for a true knock-out smoke that is incredibly relaxing and calming.

Jack 47 Auto shows that growing autoflowers doesn’t mean having to accept any compromises. Despite her fast and easy growth, she delivers first-class bud that sure won’t disappoint even the pickiest of connoisseurs!

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From seed to harvest
9 weeks
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