Honey Cream - Fast Flowering

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Honey Cream - Fast Flowering (Royal Queen Seeds)
Honey Cream - Fast Flowering (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Honey Cream - Fast Flowering (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica-dominant (65%)
Blue Black
Smell & flavour

Honey Cream - Fast Flowering: Excellent flavour, top-yielding indica

Honey Cream is yet another fantastic strain that first saw her light in sunny Spain. Her complex genetics that she owes to a mix between a Blue Black, Maple Leaf indica and a White Rhino make for a plethora of great tastes and smells that can come from this plant. She is super-fast flowering and will reward with excellent yields of super-potent first-class indica bud that is super-satisfying and very relaxing.

One of Honey Cream’s traits when she grows is her very fast flowering time. If you’re not too patient you can harvest her just 6-7 weeks after she started to flower although it can be recommended to give her some more time if you want the best flavour and potency.

Grow her indoors in a typical grow setting with a 600W light, and you can expect yields as high as 500g/m² with experienced growers having reported to get as much as 650/m². Her outdoors yields can be as high as 675g per plant if conditions are right.

When she grows, she’ll display typical indica characteristics, like her rather short and bushy growth where you will find most of her very resinous flowers on top. She’ll usually stay at a height of 100-160cm indoors and can get up to 250cm when grown outdoors.

As the indica-dominant plant she is, she will make for an intense smoke that with 16% of THC is heavy, very potent and incredibly relaxing. Medicinal users can take advantage of her ability to provide relief for pains, muscle tension or insomnia and of course she’s just perfect if you want to get rid of stress!

Her flavour can be described as sweet and earthy with creamy caramel-like tones. Because of her complex genetic makeup you can enjoy a variety of subtle flavour nuances with no plant having the exact same taste and smell, although the sweet honey and caramel notes will always be the dominant ones. Even the most-spoilt cannabis connoisseurs will love this superb smoke!

Honey Cream is a highly rewarding hybrid that with her excellent flavour profile, superb yields and her very satisfying classic indica stone has everything you’d wish for from a top indica!

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Grow difficulty
Flowering type
Flowering time
6-7 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
End of September/October
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
Height (indoor)
Height (outdoor)

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By 0Zerothree3 Sep 1-2019
4.5⭐️s Right off the start I am going to tell you that 16% is funny!! This strain is a separator of poser and pothead. It smells like caramel and that ‘medicine scent’ found in White Widow and White Rhino. It says 7wks but you will want to give it 8wks of 12/12. Not a skimpy producer and if you like heavy indos and interesting flavors it is worth trying. It seems to me to be more like 26% instead of %16. What do I know though, I am just a medical stoner?