Green Poison

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Green Poison (Sweet Seeds)
Green Poison (Sweet Seeds)
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Green Poison (Sweet Seeds)
Indica-dominant (70%)
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Awards & recognition

1 - III Copa Cannaval Tenerife (Best Indoor Professional Strain) 2016
1 - Cannabis Canarias Cup – Summer Edition (Best Indica Strain) 2012
1 - Cannabis Canarias Cup – Winter Edition (Best Indica Strain) 2011
2 - VI Copa THC Valencia – Grow Thc Caravaca (Best BHO) 2016
2 - VI Copa C.A.B.A. Argentina (Best Indoor Strain) 2013
2 - 1ª Copa Thais María Alicante (Best Indoor Strain) 2011
3 - 1ª Copa Copa Cata Zona Norte (CCZN) Argentina (Best Outdoor Strain) 2015
3 - Copa del Mar Argentina (Best Indoor Strain) 2013
3 - 1º Copa THC Valencia (Best Outdoor Strain) 2011
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Green Poison: Pure indica goodness

Green Poison is an award-winning indica dominant cannabis strain. It is renowned for its powerful effects, big yields, reliable genetics, and complex aromas/flavours.

With a strong, physical stone, Green Poison provides everything you’d expect from an indica strain of its caliber. Most users detect and almost instant physical stone that leaves them feeling very relaxed. This, combined with a powerful euphoria, makes for an extremely fun smoke that ultimately leaves you feeling happy, relaxed, and probably a little hungry.

Green Poison’s effects are best described as heavy, meaning it's probably best to use this strain at night or other times where you don’t have to handle any major task or remain productive. While the THC levels of this strain are average, it is still recommended that you take it easy with this one and prepare for getting slightly couchlocked.

The effects of Green Poison aren’t just for recreational users. Medical patients often turn to this strain for fast-acting relief from a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. For example, many find the strong indica body stone to be effective at relieving pain or symptoms of insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Many patients also turn to Green Poison for stress relief or to tackle muscle spasms. Finally, this strain is also well-known as a great appetite stimulant.

The aromas and flavours of Green Poison are very unique. This strain produces a very potent aroma that can easily stink out an entire room. The smells of Green Poison are generally characterized by sweet citrus tones. This will vary obviously depending on the exact phenotype of the strain, with some users also detecting notes of chili, spice, wood, and herbs.

Green Poison displays typical indica grow traits. It grows well both indoors and out, but is slightly susceptible to mold and fungi due to its short internodal spacing and tendency to become big and bushy. Nonetheless, in prime conditions these plants are capable of producing huge yields that easily top 600gr/m2 indoors and 700 grams per plant outdoors. Best of all, flowering time is only about 7 weeks, after which you’ll be rewarded with heavy and dense nuggets that pack a big indica punch.

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7 weeks
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By 710Blue May 24-2019
100% recomendada, hace tiempo compre 20 onzas de ésta y salió muy buena, me manda directo a dormir con un porro. Perfecta para las noches.