Gold Rush Outdoor

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Gold Rush Outdoor (Spliff Seeds)
Gold Rush Outdoor (Spliff Seeds)
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Gold Rush Outdoor (Spliff Seeds)
Sativa-dominant (85%)
Purple Power
Polm Gold Outdoor
Smell & flavour

Gold Rush Outdoor: ideal sativa to grow outdoors in the northern hemisphere

Gold Rush Outdoor was carefully engineered to bring forth a strain that would be capable of growing outside in areas of the northern hemisphere, in order to bless outdoor growers with hefty yields of delicious flowers. Gold Rush Outdoor is a hybrid strain that features 15 percent indica genetics and 85 percent sativa genetics. The sativa dominance of the strain enables it to grow tall and strong. Gold Rush Outdoors isn’t just the result of some trial and error breeding. Instead, this strain has been engineered with precision and intent. The parent strains of this plant are Polm Gold, Purple Power and Afghan.

Polm Gold was selected due to the powerful high and vast productivity of the strain. Purple power was chose due to its reputation of reaching harvest time within an impressive and quick time frame. Finally, Afghan was thrown into the mix to enhance the high gained from the flowers of this strain and to ramp up trichome formation and resin production.

Gold Rush Outdoors offers a balanced high that tips the scale slightly towards the sativa end of the spectrum. As well as being a strain perfect for cultivating outdoors, the flowers are perfect to smoke out in nature in a forest, beach or mountain environment.

The high is an uplifting, cerebral and energising one that is optimal to experience during outdoor activities such as hiking, running and general exploration. It’s perfect for creative inspiration when it comes to film making and photography in nature. An essence of body stone is also brought about from the high generated by Gold Rush Outdoors, great for dissolving any tension or stress and drawing smokers into the present moment. Both the taste and aroma of this plant are quite spectacular and feature earthy, sweet and diesel tones.

Gold Rush Outdoors is very suited to outdoor cultivation. It is perfect for growers who love to be immersed in nature, with bare feet in the soil and the sun of their skin as they stroll around their garden tending to their plants. Gold Rush Outdoors will add immense beauty and diversity to raised beds and permaculture set ups. The strain grows to impressive heights which mean yields are absolutely mammoth in most cases. You might actually need a ladder or some long reaching tools when harvesting this beast, as it may very well reach towards the sky at a height of 3 m.

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7-8 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
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