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GMO Cookies: Not for the Faint of Heart

GMO Cookies, also known as Chem Cookies or Garlic Cookies (thanks to her pungent spicy aroma), is a popular cannabis strain that has been making waves in the cannabis community. It is a unique hybrid cross between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies, and is known for its potent effects and distinct smell and flavour. In this article, we take an in-depth look at GMO Cookies and everything that makes her such a popular strain among growers as well as recreational and medical users.

Genetic Background of GMO Cookies: Certified Classic Parent Strains

GMO Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by Mamiko Seeds. It is a cross between two iconic strains, Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies. The breeders at Mamiko Seeds created GMO Cookies to provide a unique flavour profile and a potent high. GMO Cookies has not won any awards as of yet, but it has become a favourite among cannabis enthusiasts due to its high THC content, which ranges from 22% to 30%. Her name stands for Garlic Mushroom Onion Cookies, hinting at her unique, pungent aroma.


Chemdawg is a legendary strain with a delightful backstory. Cannabis folklore has it that the strain was discovered and commercialised by Greg Krzanowski (now Director of Cultivation at Canna Provisions in Lee, Massachusetts) after buying an ounce in a parking lot outside a Grateful Dead concert in Colorado in 1991. Greg was so impressed by the bud he scored that night that he continued ordering it across state lines months after the concert.

To his surprise, one shipment contained 13 seeds, 4 of which he germinated and later became Chemdawg, Chem’s Sister, and Chemdog B. Decades later, Chemdawg is still beloved by smokers everywhere for its potency and delicious aromas. Chemdawg smells of pungent diesel and contains up to 26% THC. It is known for its uplifting and creative effects and has been used to create many popular strains, including Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is a beloved Californian hybrid that has forever left its mark on the cannabis industry. Bred by an underground collective from San Francisco, known as the Cookies Fam, from Durban Poison and OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies isn’t just a favourite among smokers—breeders have also been using this well-balanced hybrid to create exceptional new varieties.

Girl Scout Cookies is highly potent, producing up to 28% THC and a rich mix of terpenes that contribute to the strain’s unique aroma. A good batch of GSC buds should smell of fresh pine and mint, sweet cherries, and hints of ripe lemon. A few tokes of Girl Scout Cookies will produce an intense euphoria, followed by full-body relaxation. Combined, her delicious aromas and potent yet balanced effects have led GSC to win multiple cannabis cups.

Aroma and Flavour of GMO Cookies: Something Unique

GMO Cookies has a unique smell and flavour that combines notes from both of its parent strains. It has a pungent and earthy aroma with hints of garlic and onion alongside a distinct sweet and spicy flavour bearing notes of coffee and diesel. GMO Cookies has a terpene profile dominated by caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

Caryophyllene has a spicy, woody aroma and is found in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Limonene is a citrusy terpene found in lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits, and is known for its mood-enhancing and stress-reducing effects. Myrcene has an earthy aroma and is found in hops, thyme, and mangoes. It is known for its sedative and relaxing effects.

Potency and Effects of GMO Cookies: For Experienced Users

GMO Cookies stands out among others due to its high potency and unique effects. With THC levels ranging from 22% to 30%, it is not recommended for novice users, but it is certainly worth trying for more experienced cannabis enthusiasts. The effects of GMO Cookies are reported to bring on a strong euphoria coupled with a deeply relaxing body stone. Medical users also report successfully using GMO Cookies to relieve a variety of symptoms/ailments.

Recreational Uses

Many recreational users love GMO Cookies for its strong physical effects. If you appreciate strains that induce deep physical relaxation, GMO Cookies is definitely for you. Given her high concentrations of THC and terpenes (particularly myrcene), GMO Cookies will relax your entire body after just a few tokes while simultaneously kicking your mind into a positive, happy, and lazy euphoria.

Given her potency and strong physical effects, GMO Cookies is best used in the evenings or on weekends/holidays when you can bask in her dreamy, lazy stone without having to worry about staying productive. She also makes for a great natural nightcap, and goes great with activities such as relaxing on the couch, napping, sunbathing, or reading in the park.

Medical Uses

GMO Cookies is also beneficial for medical cannabis users. The strain's strong physical effects and euphoria can provide medical marijuana patients with relief from symptoms while also uplifting their mood. Some MMJ patients report successfully using GMO Cookies to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress (thanks to her positive euphoria) as well as pain (thanks to her strong body buzz). Note that large doses of GMO Cookies can be very sedating, which may be beneficial for anybody looking for a natural sleep aid.

Side Effects

Given her potency, GMO Cookies can cause some negative side effects, including dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, and, in some people, anxiety. If you’re sensitive to THC, make sure to dose GMO Cookies appropriately in order to avoid these effects. Other ways to avoid the negative effects of cannabis include:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Using CBD
  • Avoiding mixing cannabis with other intoxicating substances, such as alcohol or tobacco

Note that GMO Cookies contains up to 30% THC, which is extremely high. Hence, this strain might not be the right choice for beginners users or anyone with a low tolerance for THC. Keep in mind that her strong physical effects may also interfere with your ability to stay productive, so she might not be a good choice for daytime smokers.

Growing GMO Cookies: Moderately Challenging

GMO Cookies is available in seed form from Mamiko Seeds. She is known to stretch considerably, which may prove challenging for some growers. She also prefers warm, dry conditions, especially during flowering.

Indoor Growing Tips

Growing GMO Cookies indoors might require some skill due to her propensity to stretch—especially in small rooms or tents. Indoor growers might want to reduce her vegetative phase in order to help control her height. While each plant is different, GMO Cookies typically takes 8–9 weeks to flower indoors and can produce up to 500g/m² under strong lights. She develops heavy, dense flowers that may trap humidity, so be sure to keep humidity low during flowering.

Outdoor Growing Tips

GMO Cookies is a versatile strain that can grow well outdoors. She likes full sun, so position your plants in an area that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight each day. Consider topping your plants early to control their stretch and promote the growth of multiple colas. Also, make sure to follow a tight pest control routine to protect your plants against common cannabis pests. Yields vary, but may reach 1000g/plant depending on the size of your plants and your growing skill.

Should You Try GMO Cookies?

GMO Cookies is a strain that is sure to appeal to growers looking for a moderately challenging grow. Remember that her stretch can be considerable, which may limit where she can be grown. Indoor growers might want to reduce her vegetative phase in order to help control her height, while outdoor growers should ensure they have a sunny spot for their plants and avoid growing her in overly humid conditions.

GMO Cookies is a strain that has won over many recreational cannabis users, and for good reason. With her potent effects, she’s a great strain for users who aren’t afraid of basking in her intense, physical effects and lazy euphoria. This strain is ideal for when you want to enjoy a quiet night in watching movies, reading, or listening to music.

Medical users report successfully using GMO Cookies to relieve a variety of symptoms and ailments, including stress, anxiety, depression, and physical pain. The strain's strong physical effects and euphoria can provide medical marijuana patients with relief from symptoms while simultaneously uplifting their mood. Medical marijuana users struggling with sleep issues may also benefit from this strain’s sedative effects.

GMO Cookies: For the Adventurous Veteran Stoner

GMO Cookies is a unique and potent strain that is beloved by many in the cannabis community. Her pungent aroma makes GMO Cookies stand out from the crowd of other Cookies strains out there, and her potent THC levels make her especially attractive to recreational and medical users with a tolerance. If you love lazy euphoria and aren’t afraid of being glued to the couch for hours in a relaxing daze, this strain is definitely worth checking out.

GMO Cookies Strain: FAQ

Q: How strong is GMO Cookies?
A: GMO Cookies is a very potent strain with 22–30% THC.

Q: Is GMO Cookies a good strain?
A: GMO Cookies is a popular strain. If you like potent strains that produce deeply relaxing physical effects and a sleepy, lazy euphoria, GMO Cookies might be a good choice for you.

Q: What strain is proper GMO Cookies?
A: The original GMO Cookies strain was bred by Mamiko Seeds by crossing Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies.

Q: What do GMO Cookies plants look like?
A: The physical appearance of GMO Cookies plants can vary slightly depending on the specific phenotype. Generally speaking, however, GMO Cookies plants have vibrant green leaves and a compact structure (though they stretch considerably in pre-flower). GMO Cookies' buds are dense and coated in frosty trichomes, and sometimes boast pretty purple hues.

Q: Is GMO Cookies an indica or sativa strain?
A: GMO Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.

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