Giant White Haze

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Giant White Haze
Giant White Haze
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Giant White Haze

Giant White Haze: Tasty and uplifting

Everyone enjoys an uplifting cannabis strain, and fortunately, such a strain exists in the form of Giant White Haze. An offspring of Haze and the ever-popular White Widow, both parents bring stability, flavour, and potency, making it easy to see why this cultivar is preferred by many.

Aroma, Flavour, and Effect of Giant White Haze: Citrusy and Minty for the Mouth, Euphoric For the Mind and Body

At 20% THC, you will feel its relaxing yet uplifting presence within minutes of lighting up. And, true to its sativa roots, you will feel fine enough to carry out your daily tasks. As you would imagine, Giant White Haze is an ideal companion for those lazy, slow afternoons.

With the flavour profile of Giant White Haze, it's easy to see why it's a regular choice among herb-lovers. The first couple of hits leave a citrus and mint taste combo on your lips for a satisfying experience from start to finish.

Growing Giant White Haze: Impressive In Size, Bountiful in Yields

The "Giant" label is no exaggeration either. Get conditions right, and you can expect large, abundant plants at your disposal in 9-10 weeks.

If you choose to cultivate in a grow room, be aware plants can grow up to two metres tall. As for yields, Giant White Haze can produce up to 600g/m². For outdoor cultivation, well-maintained examples can reach up to three metres in height with high yields.

Given its size, Giant White Haze may not be suitable for absolute beginners. But, if you've had previous experience, this strain should serve you well.

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