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Euphoria (Royal Queen Seeds)
Euphoria (Royal Queen Seeds)
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Euphoria (Royal Queen Seeds)
Indica-dominant (80%)
Smell & flavour

Euphoria: The name says it all

Euphoria is an indica-dominant award-winning cannabis variety. A cross between Royal Medic and Shark Shock, this strain is particularly popular for it’s high CBD:THC ratio and uplifting effects.

The effects of Euphoria are very subtle. This strain clocks in at about 9-10% THC, with higher levels of CBD, making for a great medical strain that’s less likely to produce overwhelming psychoactive effects. As the name suggests, the effects of this strain are very euphoric, leaving users packed with energy and motivation to get on with their day. This makes Euphoria a great option for daytime use or any other situation where you want to enjoy cannabis but avoid becoming lethargic, lazy, and unproductive.

Medical users will enjoy the high CBD content of Euphoria, which may help treat pain, tremors, or muscle spasms. In fact, CBD has been found to have a wide variety of possible medical applications, making this a great strain for any patients looking to take advantage of the compounds medical potential. The uplifting euphoria produced by this strain may also be great for dealing with a low mood, anxiety, depression, or even physical fatigue.

The smell of this strain is very intriguing. A Fresh batch of Euphoria buds will give off a very pungent aroma that combines both sweet and fruity notes Some users may also detect some slightly spicy or herby undertones. The flavor of this strain is very sweet, making for a smooth smoking or vaping experience.

Euphoria is an easy strain to grow that is suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. These plants reach medium heights of only about 60-100cm indoors and 100-140cm outdoors but still produce heavy yields regardless of their stature. Indoors, you can expect your Euphoria plants to produce up to 450-500 g/m2, while each plant will yield roughly the same amounts outdoors.

Best of all, the strain takes just 8 weeks to flower, at which stage you’ll be rewarded with some delicious buds great for both medicinal and recreational use. Enjoy!

Grow your own Euphoria

Grow difficulty
Flowering type
Flowering time
8 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
Early October
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
450 - 500g/plant
Height (indoor)
Height (outdoor)

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