Double Cookies

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Double Cookies
Double Cookies
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Double Cookies
Indica-dominant (70%)
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Indoors, outdoors or greenhouse

Double Cookies: Indica-Dominant Cannabis Powerhouse

Fans of scrumptious cannabis creations love Double Cookies. It's an exquisite variety created by marrying two American stars: a Do-Si-Dos mother and an elite clone of Cookies Forum as the father. This genetic mix results in strong flavours and easygoing plants that produce excellent THC levels. Containing 25–27% THC and covered in plenty of resin, Double Cookies' flowers are ideal for making extracts. The strain has 70% indica and 30% sativa genetics and produces a multidimensional high that caters to both mind and body. Double Cookies is not difficult to grow and will suit cultivators of all experience levels.

Aroma, Flavour, and Effect of Double Cookies: Sweet Tastes and Powerful Effects

As one might expect, Double Cookies is an excellent dessert strain, preserving the flavour profile of its beloved grandparent, Girl Scout Cookies. The smoke or vapour of this variety is a delicious blend of fresh, homemade cookies and minty, chocolatey notes, which are also bound to shine in edibles. While the user is sampling Double Cookies' delectable terpenes, the strain is hard at work producing a long-lasting and powerful high. It starts off with euphoria and laughter, later developing into more mellow and relaxing effects that uplift the mind and soothe the body.

Growing Double Cookies: Dark and Resinous Plants

Double Cookies' plants will adorn any grow space with a touch of mystery courtesy of dark, purplish hues and shiny resin. They have short internodes and offer good results both indoors and outdoors. In a typical indoor setup, experienced growers can achieve returns of 380–480g/m² after a brief flowering phase of 7–8 weeks. Double Cookies truly shines under the sun, where it tends to be more generous when harvest time rolls around. Each plant can produce up to 500g of sticky, potent flowers.

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