Cherry Bud Autoflowering

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Cherry Bud Autoflowering (Zamnesia Seeds)
Cherry Bud Autoflowering (Zamnesia Seeds)
Cherry Bud Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)
Cherry Bud Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)
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Cherry Bud Autoflowering (Zamnesia Seeds)
Cherry Bud Automatic (Zamnesia Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Cherry Bud Automatic: A Hard-Hitting Auto

Cherry Bud Automatic is an autoflowering hybrid cannabis strain. A cross between Blueberry and Cheese auto varieties, this strain is renowned for its great effects and delicious flavours.

Cherry Bud Automatic produces an indica-dominant stone with underlying cerebral effects. Expect to experience strong physical effects early on, characterized by a strong physical relaxation and a clear mind. After that, more sativa-like effects will begin to take over, stimulating the mind and providing a slight boost of energy and a strong feeling of euphoria. The THC levels of this strain clock in at about 16%, making for a very powerful auto variety.

The effects of this strain obviously aren’t limited to recreational use. In fact, many medical users turn to Cherry Bud Automatic for fast-acting relief from a vast variety of conditions and symptoms. Some users, for example, may find the initial physical effects beneficial for dealing with pain, muscle spasms, inflammation, or even stress.

This, coupled with the final burst of energy, makes for a great daytime or even early morning strain, allowing patients to medicate early without being left groggy, lethargic, or lazy throughout the rest of the day.

The aromas and flavors of this strain bring together the best from both of its parents. Expect to note strong fruit and berry aromas mixed with some old-school cheese undertones as well. The flavors are similar, although they tend to be dominated by sweet fruity notes.

Cherry Bud Automatic is a great strain for cultivators of all experience levels. Whether you’re a novice looking for an easy first-time strain or a veteran gardener looking for a fun new addition to your garden, this strain will not disappoint. Growing to roughly 70cm indoors and up to 110cm outdoors, Cherry Bud Automatic is very manageable.

While harvests are slightly larger indoors, it can still flourish outside as long as it gets plenty of sunshine. Yields clock in at about 325g/m² indoors and up to 110g/plant outdoors. Best of all, these plants will finish from seed to harvest in just 9-10 weeks, at which point you’ll have some seriously nice weed on your hands.

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