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C99 (Female Seeds)
C99 (Female Seeds)
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C99 (Female Seeds)
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C99: A miniature version of landrace varieties

If one wishes to experience a landrace resembling dank, C99 is ready to get involved. This sativa dominant cultivar is quite exceptional in terms of her growth and short flowering time. The ancestors of this beast are the Grapefruit, and the Pineapple, which are legendary specimens on their own right, originating from the original Brother Grimm C99. This strain is recommended for landrace enthusiasts and ganja veterans who wish to fly amongst kites.

The citrusy and sweet scents hit the nostrils with great tropical might. One can expect classic grapefruit and pineapple aromas, emanated from C99. After toking this dank, the effects span between sheer joy and uplifting energy. Dancing, intense yoga, creative endeavors, all appear on the to-do-list after hitting this strain.

The THC-levels can become quite strong, newbies must take caution. Due to the tropical tastes of C99, one should consider making a delicious piña colada, by decarboxylating the herb, and blending it with this classic drink. If that’s too fancy, one could just toke a C99 joint and eat a grapefruit, or something…

Landrace sativas have a unique growth pattern. The leaves comprise very narrow finger, and have an uneven shape to them, a bit bushy some might say. Also, the aromas smell a bit more “natural” than hybridized varieties. C99 delivers bumper yields for both indoor and outdoor ganja operators.

Unlike landrace sativas, C99 flowers in only 8 weeks, and reaches approximately 80-100cm in height. It’s basically a fast miniature version of the old-school landrace sativas. It’s good to have some support system in place, just in case the heavy nugs become too heavy for the stems. C99 enjoys warm and temperate climates.

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By Jboogie Jun 25-2020
Excellent strain very fruity delicious smell taste smooth, nice body head high Sativa hybrid there all good strains but for me I like this with my cofee in the morning puts a pep in your step...