Blue Power

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Blue Power (Vision Seeds)
Blue Power (Vision Seeds)
Blue Power (Vision Seeds)
Blue Power (Vision Seeds)
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Blue Power (Vision Seeds)
Blue Power (Vision Seeds)
Indica-dominant (80%)
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Blue Power: With hints of blue and pink

Blue Power is an indica dominant hybrid strain that features 80 percent indica genetics and 20 percent sativa genetics. The strain is the result of the crossbreeding of parent strains Blueberry, White Widow, and Skunk 1. This breeding project, consisting of some rather legendary strains, has resulted in a high yielding strain that serves up good quantities of both THC and CBD. One of the most novel qualities this strain has to offer is the fact that the flowers displays stunning shades of blue, lilac, and pink, giving them some impressive aesthetic properties.

When stepping into a grow room of Blue Power plants during the flowering phase of the grow cycle, growers will be in for some sensual delights. The strain gives off pungent aromas of fruit. This fruitiness can also be tasted when smoking a joint or blunt constructed using the processed flowers of Blue Power.

The THC content found within the flowers of Blue Power is around 16 percent. This value isn’t enough to render smokers completely overwhelmed, but is more than enough to ignite a powerful and noticeable psychoactive high.

Additionally, Blue Power contains high levels of the medicinal and widely appreciated cannabinoid CBD. This non-psychoactive molecule has been shown to help treat and relieve a vast array of medical conditions and is particularly effective at treating seizure disorders and inflammation. The high produced from smoking Blue Power induces a happy and euphoric high. The strain may be effective at easing the symptoms of anxiety, stress, ADHD, hyperactivity, irritability, and impulsivity.

When grown within an indoor environment Blue Power can grow to between the heights of 50-200cm. Indoor plants usually provide yields of between 500-700g per square metre. Outdoor plants grow between the same height and offer large yields. The harvest time for outdoor plants occurs around the end of September. Blue Power features a flowering time of 9 weeks.

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