Auto Tutankhamon

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Auto Tutankhamon (Pyramid Seeds)
Auto Tutankhamon (Pyramid Seeds)
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Auto Tutankhamon (Pyramid Seeds)
Indica/sativa autoflowering
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Auto Tutankhamon: Top quality bud - easy & fast

Tutankhamon (AKA King Tut) is a very potent AK-47 variety with some crazy-high THC content that has measured up to 23%. These excellent genetics are forming the base for Auto Tutankhamon together with a select indica parent and Ruderalis to make her into a convenient autoflower.

Given that the parent of Auto Tutankhamon is an extraordinary potent AK-47 phenotype she sure isn’t a light-weight when it comes to her effect and flavour. All you need to do is take a hit and all doubt about the quality of this bud that you just grew in record time sure will be gone. With her 20% of THC, Auto Tutankhamon can deliver a very powerful, cerebral high just a tad softer hitting than the original. Her aroma is a wonderful blend of fresh fruity notes that is perfectly topping off a great smoking experience.

The outcome of this cross is a trouble-free autoflower that is so easy to grow that even absolute beginners with cannabis cultivation can look forward to some good results. One other highlight of Auto Tutankhamon is her very short life cycle that with only about 3 weeks that she spends growing and then 45-50 days of flowering is an incredibly short 7-8 weeks from seed to harvest. Yet, in this short time she is able to produce a very respectable harvest of up to 550g/m². The plant will only get to a medium height of 110-130cm which makes her very manageable and a good plant that you can grow in pretty-much any growing environment.

Auto Tutankhamon, despite being a super-easy autoflower and suitable even for growers without any cultivation experience effortlessly grows some first-class bud that sure won’t disappoint. The stellar AK-47 genetics ensure an awesome taste and a powerful uplifting high.

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From seed to harvest
7-8 weeks
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  • Auto Tutankhamon
    • AK-47
      • Afghani
        • Landrace from Afghanistan
      • Thai
        • Landrace from Thailand
      • Mexican
        • Landrace from Mexico
      • Colombian
        • Landrace from Colombia
    • ruderalis
    • Unknown indica

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By Jimmy Mar 9-2019
eine sehr schöne sorte sehr stark und gut zum schlafen weniger etrag
By Jose Feb 8-2020
Excelente cepa 10/10