Auto Skywalker Haze

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Auto Skywalker Haze
Auto Skywalker Haze
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Auto Skywalker Haze
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Auto Skywalker Haze: A Truly Potent Autoflower

Auto Skywalker Haze

The force is strong in this one—seriously. Auto Skywalker Haze possesses some of the highest THC levels of any autoflowering variety. This creation of the Dutch Passion Seed Company produces a hard-hitting high that produces a creative and energetic high at low doses and a stoning effect when taken in excess. Find out everything you need to know about this autoflowering powerhouse below.

Genetic Background

So, where did Auto Skywalker Haze inherit her potency from? While she doesn’t have a midichlorian count—the unit of measurement that determines the force-wielding power of a Jedi—she does have an impressive THC count. But she doesn’t express this trait by accident. It’s the result of careful strain and phenotype selection at the hands of talented breeders. Discover the genetic background of this powerhouse variety below.

Skywalker Haze

Skywalker Haze passed down many noticeable traits to her progeny. This powerful sativa-dominant hybrid stems from parents Original Skywalker and Amsterdam Amnesia. Breeders over at Dutch Passion selected this cultivar during the breeding process for several reasons, including her very high levels of THC and refreshing terpene profile dominated by citrusy aromatic compounds.

Together, these phytochemicals work side-by-side to produce an energetic and euphoric high that many users enjoy during the daytime. You can expect a surge in motivation and creativity after hitting these buds. Effects aside, Skywalker Haze also gained impressive traction among the growing community for her big yields. She requires a long growing season and a good amount of space and rarely fails to deliver XXL yields. Based on her attractive traits, this strain won 3rd prize in the Haze category at the Homegrown Cup in December 2020.

Auto Amsterdam Amnesia

Auto Amsterdam Amnesia comes directly from a cross between the original Amsterdam Amnesia and a high-performing cannabis ruderalis variety. The original strain clocks in with a sky-high THC content of 25% and a terpene profile loaded with caryophyllene, limonene, and terpinolene.

After leaving a mark on the world of weed and becoming a popular cultivar at Dutch Passion Seed Company, the breeders there decided to craft an autoflowering version. This breeding project slightly reduced the THC content and height of the progeny. However, for the time, it still stood as one of the strongest autos available. Its small size and quick growing speed also made it more suitable for growers looking for rapid yields and more manageable plants.

Aroma And Flavour Of Auto Skywalker Haze

Auto Skywalker Haze

Auto Skywalker Haze possesses a complex and delicious flavour and aroma profile. A range of aromatic phytochemicals underpins the sensory elements of these buds, including fruity and earthy terpenes and more skunky volatile sulphur compounds. Both myrcene and limonene are the most dominant terpenes in the mix; the former delivers flavours and aromas of fruit and hops, while the latter serves up notes of citrus and fruit. Caryophyllene, linalool, and pinene also show up in Auto Skywalker Haze flowers in large quantities. Together, these compounds contribute a mix of pine, wood, spice, pepper, and lemon.

Auto Skywalker Haze’s flavours are detectable during most forms of administration. However, your experience of her tasty chemical makeup will vary depending on which one you choose. For example, her terpenes are much more apparent when vaping compared to smoking. If you’re a fan of cooking up cannabis-infused edibles, her terpenes profile suits sweet dishes more than anything else.

Potency And Effects Of Auto Skywalker Haze

Auto Skywalker Haze clocks in as one of the most potent autoflowering cultivars available. In fact, Dutch Passion even gave their own strain the “most potent autoflower” award during 2021.

It took a lot of THC to scoop up this prestigious title—26.84% to be exact! If you know anything about weed, you’ll know that such high levels of THC completely turn the autoflower stereotype on its head. So, what can you expect when lighting up a blunt or bowl of Auto Skywalker Haze buds? Discover the recreational and medical uses of this strain below.

Recreational Uses

Recreationally, Auto Skywalker Haze buds serve up a hard-hitting and long-lasting experience. However, this effect hinges completely on the dose consumed. Take small hits over a long smoking session, and you’ll feel elevated, motivated, and inspired. Stay at or just below your dosing sweet spot, and you’ll only experience the energetic side that this strain has to offer, an effect that makes her a popular choice for daytime use.

However, keep hammering the hits, and you’ll come across a more stoning experience. The more you saturate your central nervous system with THC, the more overpowered you’ll feel. At high doses, Auto Skywalker Haze will leave you feeling lethargic, stoned, and incredibly hungry. If you have a tolerance for this amount of THC, you’ll find this effect goes down best during lazy afternoons and evenings.

Medical Uses

Such high levels of THC come in handy for many medical cannabis users. Some people find that high-THC strains help them to manage an array of symptoms. While studies have yet to confirm the efficacy of the plant compound for pain, insomnia, inflammation, nausea, and poor appetite, some weed users harness Auto Skywalker Haze for this purpose.

However, her high levels of THC don’t work in isolation when it comes to therapeutic effects. The diverse range of terpenes within these flowers also contributes to their action. Caryophyllene, for example, acts as a cannabinoid in the body. It binds to the CB2 receptor to produce a soothing anti-inflammatory effect. Likewise, pinene helps to clear the mind and elevate the mood.

Side Effects

Of course, such high levels of THC also come with side effects. Aside from the cannabis high itself, typical side effects include red eyes, cottonmouth, and short-term memory impairment. Sometimes, however, more serious side effects can emerge. These include anxiety, panic, and paranoia.

Growing Auto Skywalker Haze

Auto Skywalker Haze

Auto Skywalker Haze puts on an impressive display in the grow room and garden. Plants emerge with two common phenotypic expressions, the Skywalker-dominant and those with a sativa appearance. The former is more compact and can produce rather huge central colas when left untrained. The latter are more elongated with thinner leaves.

Regardless of the phenotype, Auto Skywalker Haze produces fairly uniform yields when her basic environmental needs are met. Her colas have a good flower-to-leaf ratio, which makes trimming and processing flowers relatively effortless. Find out more about how this strain grows both indoors and outdoors, below.

Indoor Growing Tips

Indoor plants typically grow to a height of 75–100cm. These specimens charge through the entire growing cycle in as little as 12 weeks and produce 450–600g/m² when harvest time swings around.

To push your yield towards the more productive end of this spectrum, make sure you’re using powerful lights and providing your plants with all of the photosynthetically active radiation that they require. Training your plants early in the vegetative phase will also help to give yields a nudge in the right direction. Finally, inoculating your plants with beneficial biology, including mycorrhizal fungi, will help them get off to the best start possible and become established with ease.

Outdoor Growing Tips

Auto Skywalker Haze also performs great outdoors. The size and growing speed of this strain make it compatible with regions that feature a short growing season. When grown in large pots or directly in the ground, plants have the potential to reach a height of 150cm. Raise them in a sunny position, and they’ll produce up to 100g/plant.

Before transplanting, amend your soil with clay and organic matter to enhance cation exchange capacity and nutrient uptake. Mulch your beds or pots towards the end of spring to trap moisture in the soil and attract beneficial soil food web organisms. Where possible, avoid dousing the soil with synthetic fertilisers and feed with organic liquid feeds to foster healthy soil biology.

Auto Skywalker Haze: A Truly Potent Autoflower

Auto Skywalker Haze

Auto Skywalker Haze offers more THC than most photoperiod strains, never mind autoflowers! Her THC content of over 26% guarantees a hard-hitting and powerful effect that will leave you red-eyed every single time. Novice cannabis users should take things slow with this strain, and even seasoned users should get to know her slowly at first before diving in headfirst. Overall, this strain produces extremely powerful buds over a brief growing period of 12 weeks. Consider getting these seeds in the soil for a quick, reliable, and potent stash.

Auto Skywalker Haze Cannabis Strain: Faq

Q: What is Auto Skywalker Haze?
A: Auto Skywalker Haze is the progeny of parent strains Skywalker Haze and Auto Amsterdam Amnesia.

Q: What are the effects of Auto Skywalker Haze?
A: Auto Skywalker Haze hits exceptionally hard for an autoflowering variety. Expect an energising and creative high at low doses, and a stoning and heavy effect at higher doses.

Q: What are the flavours of Auto Skywalker Haze?
A: These buds serve up tastes of fruit, citrus, pine, wood, and pepper.

Q: How do I grow Auto Skywalker Haze?
A: Auto Skywalker Haze grows well both indoors and outdoors. Train plants early and ensure adequate light exposure to optimise yields.

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