Auto CBD-Victory

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Auto CBD-Victory
Auto CBD-Victory
Auto CBD-Victory
Auto CBD-Victory
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Auto CBD-Victory
Auto CBD-Victory
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Victory Is Sweet: Unlock the Mystery of Auto CBD-Victory

Overview of Auto CBD Victory

Auto CBD-Victory is a strain that has caused quite the buzz in the cannabis world. Unlike most, it's one of the few varieties of cannabis that focuses on CBDV (hence its name). It makes it quite a niche choice, but for those looking for high CBDV, it's a clear front-runner as the industry's first commercially available strain with a 1:1 CBD:CBDV ratio.  

Genetics and Origin of Auto CBD-Victory

Unlike with most strains, the original breeders of this cannabis strain have kept their cards quite close to their chest. Auto CBD-Victory is shrouded in mystery, with the creators simply stating they used specimens from their "Research Genetics" gene pool to create this strain over four years. 

Growth Characteristics of Auto CBD-Victory

Auto CBD-Victory is a tough, resilient and easy-to-grow strain. She reaches medium heights when mature and goes from seed to harvest in 10–12 weeks. Her structure is stocky and dense, with one main cola and heavy side flowering. All in all, it is a quintessential autoflowering growth experience. 

Indoor growers can expect yields of around 400–450g/m² under optimal conditions. With some advanced growing techniques, results can reach above the 500g mark in the hands of an expert.

The buds produced by this strain are dense and full of resin, making them ideal for extracting oils and concentrates and smoking or vaping.

Auto CBD-Victory Growing Tips

Auto CBD Victory

Auto CBD-Victory is a relatively easy strain to cultivate and is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing. Saying this, despite this strain being remarkably resilient, it performs better indoors than out.

This is a light-hungry strain, so ensure you have adequate light set-ups to meet her needs indoors. When planting outdoors, ensure that your plants get plenty of sunlight throughout the day.

She also requires well-draining soil with a pH level between 6 and 7.5 to thrive properly. If you live in an area with cooler climates, then it may be best to grow Auto CBD-Victory in a greenhouse or other sheltered environment. This helps temperature remain consistent throughout its growth cycle.

It's essential to keep an eye on your plants while growing, as pests such as spider mites can quickly take over if left unchecked. Make sure you regularly check for signs of disease or infestation and treat them accordingly using natural remedies whenever possible—organic insecticides can also help keep unwanted visitors away from your crop.

Auto CBD-Victory is not particularly demanding when it comes to nutrients either; however, regular fertilizing during the vegetative stage will ensure healthy growth and abundant yields come harvest time. A balanced fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is recommended for optimal results—remember not to overdo it, as this could lead to nutrient burn, possibly damaging your plants irreversibly.

Auto CBD-Victory also responds well when you top or FIM it. This loses the main big cola, but helps produce much more sid growth. Advanced techniques are not required by any means, but offer more advanced growers some room for experimentation. 

Flavour Profile & Effects of Auto CBD-Victory

Before you can use this strain, it will hit you with its aroma. Thanks to its terpene profile, it produces very floral and pine aromas. The floral notes follow through with its flavour; however, this is overshadowed by more prominent fruity and sour notes. 

Its terpene profile is as follows (approx): 

  • Beta-myrcene (earthy smell, sweet flavour): 37.80%
  • Beta-caryophyllene (spicy smell and flavour): 18.29%
  • Limonene (citrus smell and flavour): 10.98
  • Alpha-Bisabolol (floral smell and sweet flavour): 9.76%
  • Humulene (woody smell and spicy flavour): 7.32%

The effects of Auto CBD-Victory are focused on those looking for specific applications of this strain. 

It contains (approx):

  • CBDV: 4–6%
  • CBD: 4–6%
  • THC: <0.30%

As a result, it is not considered a psychoactive strain by ordinary measures. It produces a very low-key and relaxed buzz, allowing the user to go about their day as usual. 

Who is Auto CBD-Victory Suitable For?

This strain is suitable for a variety of users. 

Growers: Gardeners looking for an easy-to-grow strain will appreciate its low maintenance needs. Its ability to handle advanced growing techniques can also make it an interesting choice for more advanced growers. The real draw here is for those who want to grow CBD and CBDV-rich strains with a reasonable yield. 

Users: Auto CBD-Victory is currently very niche, but it is gold for those in that niche. Its high and balanced CBD and CBDV content makes it ideal for those looking for a more unusual daytime smoke or specific CBD needs.

Conclusion: Auto CBD-Victory—A First For CBDV

Auto CBD Victory close-up

This strain is easy to grow, has a decent yield and produces buds with a particular target audience. If you consider yourself a part of that niche, it's a winning choice. 

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