Auto Blueberry Domina

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Auto Blueberry Domina (Ministry of Cannabis)
Auto Blueberry Domina (Ministry of Cannabis)
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Auto Blueberry Domina (Ministry of Cannabis)
Indica-dominant (70%) autoflowering
Black Domina Autoflowering
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Auto Blueberry Domina: Blueberry and Black Domina autoflowering genetics

Auto Blueberry Domina is an autoflowering hybrid plant that is the result of a mix of Blueberry and Black Domina autoflowering genetics. Auto Blueberry Domina is indica dominant and consists of 70 percent indica genetics, 20 percent ruderalis genetics and 10 percent sativa genetics. This concoction results in THC heavy plant offers a strong and potent body high. These traits make it a great choice of strain for those looking for a relaxing evening or even with assistance sleeping.

The autoflowering genetics within Auto Blueberry Domina make it a great choice for beginners or growers looking for an easy time when waiting for a yield. Autoflowering genetics come from cannabis ruderalis which evolved in northern regions where it got less light and shorter summers, therefore autoflowering genes mean a plant does not need a change in photo period in order to flower and instead flowers automatically over a period of time.

Growers can expect to harvest 9-10 weeks after germination, this quick time window makes Auto Blueberry Domina a perfect strain for growers who want weed quick, or those who want to keep grows super stealthy and low key. When these flowers emerge, growers will be greeted by buds that are around 17 percent in THC and coated in resin that smells fantastic and is loaded with cannabinoids.

Auto Blueberry Domina grows well both indoors and outdoors and make for an easy grow in either grow tents inside a house or raised beds out in the garden.

Auto Blueberry Domina is a good strain to pick out of the stash when you feel like getting some down time and really resting and relaxing. The strain offers some very potent body highs and a stoned sensation. When it comes to savouring the taste of Auto Blueberry Domina, expect to be met by a spicy taste with detectable hints of berry.

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