Auto Anesthesia

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Auto Anesthesia (Pyramid Seeds)
Auto Anesthesia (Pyramid Seeds)
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Auto Anesthesia (Pyramid Seeds)
Indica-dominant autoflowering
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Auto Anesthesia: impressive yields of quality bud in record time

Auto Anesthesia has been bred by using two popular cannabis strains, the ever-favourite Northern Lights and a Black Domina and then given some Ruderalis for autoflowering. As one would almost expect given these excellent genetics, the outcome is a fantastic autoflowering hybrid that shines with great qualities from the moment you plant your seed.

Let’s start with Auto Anesthesia's noteworthy growing characteristics. She is a very fast and vigorously growing plant but she doesn’t really shoot up very tall and keeps things compact and bushy. She will only get to a height of 40-100cm which makes her just the right size for virtually any growing space or tent. While not necessarily impressing with her stature, she’ll make for a bountiful harvest of about 550g/m² of some mega-sized bud that will have a nice lime-green colour with orange-brown pistils and that are being covered with a thick white layer of sticky resin. But what’s most astounding is that she grows all this delightful stuff for you in a 11-12 weeks from seed to harvest!

But Auto Anesthesia doesn’t just grow fast into a beautiful plant. The indica/sativa hybrid measures 17% of THC which makes her quite powerful when you smoke her. She gives you a superbly enjoyable high that will be super-relaxing but because she has an indica as well as a sativa side to her, she’ll also give you a nice happy feeling rather than just making for a deeply relaxing stone. Auto Anesthesia can also be a good choice for medicinal users that want an effective herb that can help with all sorts of ailments like chronic pains or depression.

Auto Anesthesia aroma is as pleasant and enjoyable like her effect! She has a wonderful sweet taste but one that comes with a nicely complementing sour finish. She is one of these smokes that just tastes perfect, making for a very satisfying smoke that will make cannabis lovers fall in love with her right away!

Auto Anesthesia is an uncomplicated, yet very rewarding autoflower that simply does everything right. Her superb yields, the outstanding flavour and her relaxing smoke don’t really leave a wish open!

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From seed to harvest
11-12 weeks
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