Afghan Kush

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Afghan Kush (White Label)
Afghan Kush (White Label)
Afghan Kush (World of Seeds)
Afghan Kush (World of Seeds)
Afghan Kush (Daily Smoker)
Afghan Kush (Daily Smoker)
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Afghan Kush (White Label)
Afghan Kush (World of Seeds)
Afghan Kush (Daily Smoker)
Indica (90-100%)
Landrace from Hindu Kush
Smell & flavour

Afghan Kush: Pure indica goodness

Afghan Kush is an indica cannabis variety originating from the famous Hindu Kush mountain range that spans along the Afghan-Pakistan border. It is renowned for embodying the best of the indica world; big, heavy yields of resinous buds that produce that iconic body stone many users love.

First brought on to the market by Dutch seedbanks, this strain is an indica-lovers dream. Afghan Kush produces an iconic “indica stone” characterized by deep sedation and strong physical relaxation, making it a perfect strain for anybody looking to wind down after a long, hard day. Due to it’s strong physical effects, this is not a great strain for anyone looking to stay productive; Afghan Kush is known for making people happy, lazy, and very, very hungry. The average THC concentration for this is strain is about 17%.

Afghan Kush’s strong physical effects give it an obvious appeal for medical users. Anyone looking for fast, effective relief from pain should give this strain a try. Patients suffering from insomnia or other sleep-related issues also generally turn to this strain, as do users who just want to curb a bit of stress.

Afghan Kush boasts unique aromatic and flavour profiles. Flavors and aromas in this strain are noticeably woody and earthy, combined with subtle spicy, almost herbal undertones. Some users relate this taste to hash, which is understandable, seeing that Afghan Kush has a long tradition for being used in making traditional Black Afghan and Charas hash varieties.

Like the effects, the grow traits of this plant are distinctly indica. Think medium-sized bushy plants with short internodal spacing and broad dark green leaves. These plants are known to do a lot of growing during their vegetative phases, eventually developing into thick bushes. Afghan Kush, like other indica varieties, is renowned for it’s big yields, which can easily top 550g/m2 in an indoor environment.

The buds from this strain are extremely resinous, thanks to a generous coating of frosty trichomes. They usually have a dark green appearance and have slight orange hues thanks to a large amount of pistils.

Grow your own Afghan Kush

Grow difficulty
Flowering type
Flowering time
6-8 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
End of September/October
Yield (indoor)
550 g/m2
Yield (outdoor)
Height (indoor)
Height (outdoor)

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