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A.M.S. (Greenhouse Seeds)
A.M.S. (Greenhouse Seeds)
A.M.S. (Greenhouse Seeds)
A.M.S. (Greenhouse Seeds)
A.M.S. (Greenhouse Seeds)
A.M.S. (Greenhouse Seeds)
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A.M.S. (Greenhouse Seeds)
A.M.S. (Greenhouse Seeds)
A.M.S. (Greenhouse Seeds)
Indica-dominant (60%)
Swiss sativa
Swiss indica
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A.M.S: stands for Anti Mould Strain

A.M.S. is the name of a cannabis strain that stands for Anti Mould Strain, which is a testimony for the hardy and durable nature of the plant in question. A.M.S. is a hybrid that contains both indica and sativa genetics and is the result of crossbreeding between that parents strains Swiss Sativa and Swiss Indica.

A.M.S. contains quite a lot of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, yet also contains minor amounts of CBD and CBN. The strain offers a balanced high that represents an even spread of indica and sativa traits, accompanied by complex arrays of flavors and aromas.

A.M.S. offers a high that leans ever so slightly towards the sativa end of the spectrum. The cerebral aspects of the high are activating, motivating and thought provoking. On the other hand the indica elements of the high derived from A.M.S. are quite sleepy and calming and will fire up your appetite.

Smoking a thick blunt packed with this strain will unleash a torrent of tastes that nourish the senses, including flavors of mint, sandalwood, cedar wood and citrus. The aromas released from burning this herb are very rich and dense, providing smells of dill, sage, mint, lime, orange, lemon, butterscotch, earth and cedar wood.

The flowers of A.M.S. provide a reasonably high THC content around 19 percent which contributes to the psychoactive effect. However, A.M.S also houses minor amounts of CBD, a cannabinoid known for its medicinal qualities that include anti-inflammatory, anti anxiety and anti-seizure effects. The flowers of this strain also contain small amounts of CBN, a cannabinoid associated with pain relief, bone cell growth and anti-insomnia, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsive and appetite stimulating effects.

This combination of medical effects makes A.M.S. a great choice of strain for creating high potency extracts, oils and tinctures. Although the CBD and CBN content is minor, if enough of the herb is used in an extraction it may displays good results.

A.M.S can be grown both indoors and outdoors and grows to tall heights regardless. The flowering time of the strain is around 8 weeks and if grown outdoors flowers will be ready to harvest at the end of September. Indoor yields are estimated to be roughly 700 g per square metre, whereas outdoor yields are approximately 800 g per plant.

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Grow difficulty
Flowering type
Flowering time
8-9 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
End of September
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
Height (indoor)
Height (outdoor)

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By Trish Nov 1-2019
I have been smoking for nearly 30 years-this is some of the best I’ve tried. I’m just now reading about it, we got a single plant from a friend by accident-it’s all he had. I’m definitely growing it again next summer.