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1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
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1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
1024 (Medical Seeds)
Sativa-dominant (70%)
Smell & flavour

1024: A Mysterious Strain Worth Exploring


This numerically named strain (also called Ten Twenty Four) leans towards the sativa side of the genetic spectrum and tastes great in a bong, joint, or vaporizer. Its high THC content (20–25%) ensures that its cerebral and energising high hits with substantial potency and lasts for several hours. The slight body high that comes on towards the end of the experience offers some muscle-melting relaxation.

Genetic Background of 1024: Mysterious Origins

What makes 1024 rather unique is the lack of information regarding its parents. MedicalSeedS, the creator of this potent hybrid, has kept her genetic origins a secret. As such, we cannot delve into the specific breeding techniques used to create this medically focused cannabis strain. However, we can examine the origins of MedicalSeedS to understand their motivations when crafting 1024.

The Barcelona-based seed bank was established in 2005 and focuses on improving “previously selected genetics to create seeds of the highest quality”. However, rather than focus on the quantity of seeds, they focus on control, with limited strain availability. This methodical approach goes hand in hand with their focus on cannabis’ medicinal properties, carefully examining the potential of their strains through magazine contributions and helping customers create tinctures and extracts.

A specific area of focus for MedicalSeedS is the therapeutic potential of CBD, a pursuit that shines through with 1024. This strain develops CBD levels of roughly 4%—much higher than in many other cannabis cultivars.

Aroma and Flavour of 1024: Musky and Sweet


The strain's bouquet is characterised by a harmonious blend of terpinolene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Terpinolene imparts a sweet and floral essence, while caryophyllene adds a subtle spiciness to the mix. The presence of pinene introduces a touch of fresh pine and earthiness, creating a well-rounded aromatic profile. Many growers describe the strain’s aroma as intensely musky, similar to burning incense.

Upon inhalation, users experience a flavour profile that combines floral sweetness with hints of spice and earth—similar to green tea. The moreish taste not only leaves you wanting more, but makes 1024 the ideal candidate for cannabis extractions. It would appear the experts agree, as the strain placed 1st in 2009 and later in 2011 at Spannabis for best solvent extraction.

Potency and Effects of 1024: Cerebral Bliss

Potency is another area in which 1024 excels. With THC levels reaching a hard-hitting 25% THC, this strain is best enjoyed in small amounts by inexperienced cannabis users. Just a few tokes will likely be enough to deliver a surging high. For those well-versed in the influence of high THC strains, 1024 provides an uplifting, energising experience that elevates the senses for several hours.

Recreational Uses

Bursting with euphoric influence, 1024 is ideal for when you want to stay active. Whether it's getting stuck into a creative project or tackling the never-ending list of daily chores, she’ll keep you happy, motivated, and energised all day long. However, there is a calmness to 1024 that only shows itself towards the end of the high. As the experience fades, the CBD influence shines through, soothing the mind and leaving the body at ease.

Medical Uses

Given the strain’s robust CBD content and MedicalSeedS’ focus on the medicinal properties of cannabis, it will come as no surprise that 1024 is favoured by medical marijuana patients. While the influence is firmly cerebral, helping to boost the mood, there’s still plenty of benefit for physical discomfort. However, to make the most of her full-body influence, it’s best to take 1024 slow and steady.

Potential Side Effects

Despite the desirability of high-THC strains, there’s no escaping the pitfalls of consuming too much 1024. As such, dry eyes, cotton mouth and dizziness are common—especially among the uninitiated. In excessive doses, 1024 may even cause some users to green out, so approach with caution. However, provided you take a common sense approach to consuming 1024, you should be able to manage any negative effects.

Growing 1024: Abundant Yields After a Long Flowering Stage


1024 is an impressive strain to grow, providing growers with an abundance of buds. When growing plants indoors, expect yields of up to 600g/m². Outdoors is where these plants reach their full potential, though. Plants can explode up to 3.5m in height when grown directly in the ground or garden beds. What’s more, branches might start to bend due to massive yields of 600–800g/plant. Harvest time for these outdoor plants occurs during mid-October.

Indoor Growing Tips

This hybrid variety tends to thrive in a controlled environment with balanced temperature and humidity. Maintaining temperatures between 68–77°F (20–25°C) during the day and slightly cooler at night is ideal for 1024. This strain responds well to various growing techniques, including topping and low-stress training (LST), promoting optimal light penetration and airflow.

Indoor growers often succeed with a hydroponic setup or nutrient-rich soil, given 1024's preference for a nutrient-dense medium. However, regular monitoring of pH levels is crucial to support nutrient absorption, so don’t neglect your pH meter. Additionally, as 1024 tends to produce elongated buds, providing proper support, such as trellising, helps to prevent breakage. With a flowering period of approximately 11–13 weeks, growers can expect a rewarding harvest.

Outdoor Growing Tips

1024 flourishes in a Mediterranean-like climate with plenty of sunlight and warmth. It is crucial to choose a well-draining soil enriched with organic matter, ensuring a nutrient-rich environment for optimal development.

Given its preference for a temperate climate, planting during the spring ensures that 1024 can take full advantage of the longer days and warmer temperatures during the vegetative phase. Outdoor growers should be mindful of potential pests and employ preventative measures, such as natural predators or organic insecticides, to safeguard the plants. Also, 1024 loves to stretch, especially if planted directly in the soil, so be ready to provide plenty of bracing.

Should You Try 1024?


Characterised by its high THC and medium CBD content, 1024 offers users a hard-hitting experience. With a complex terpene profile featuring terpinolene, caryophyllene, and pinene, the strain boasts a unique aroma and flavour of floral sweetness, spice, and musky earthiness. Plus, take the time to craft extractions from her resin-rich buds, and the green tea-like flavour reaches even greater heights.

The strain's versatile effects cater to both recreational and medicinal users, providing relaxation, euphoria, and potential holistic benefits such as support for mood-related disorders and physical discomfort. For individuals seeking a well-rounded cannabis experience with a harmonious interplay of cannabinoids and terpenes, exploring 1024 is a worthwhile endeavour.

1024 Cannabis Strain: FAQ

Q: What is the THC level of 1024?
A: THC levels vary according to environmental conditions, but proficient growers should be able to achieve 20–25% alongside up to 4% CBD.

Q: How is 1024 different from other strains?
A: 1024 was crafted with medicinal properties in mind, which is evident from its above-average THC and CBD content. However, the strain is also resilient and a strong producer. In essence, its unique cannabinoid profile, terpene profile, and cultivation adaptability make 1024 stand out among other cannabis strains.

Q: What are the medicinal benefits of 1024?
A: The strain's significant CBD levels may help with feelings of tension, making it potentially beneficial for various mood-related disorders. Additionally, the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in 1024 could offer physical relaxation, potentially aiding those dealing with bodily tension or discomfort.

Grow your own 1024

Grow difficulty
Flowering type
Flowering time
11-12 weeks
Harvest time (outdoor)
Mid October
Yield (indoor)
Yield (outdoor)
Height (indoor)
Height (outdoor)

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By Viejoverde Feb 3-2020
la estuve fumando durante unos meses y nunca había sentido nada igual con ninguna otra planta, es como si fuera narcotica y estimulante parecido ala coca, te deja muy agusto, pero mucho. felicidad q se dibuja en tu cara y esa sonrisa de bienestar. el sabor era bueno. no recuerdo los matices porque hace muchos años que la prové. recomendada para estar extasiado.