Queen of Soul

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Queen of Soul (Brother's Grimm Seeds)
Queen of Soul (Brother's Grimm Seeds)
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Queen of Soul (Brother's Grimm Seeds)
Dominance - Sativa
Odeur & parfum

Queen of Soul : Une Reine Sativa Aux Influences Indica

La Queen of Soul est le résultat d'un complexe projet de sélection étendu sur trois générations. Ceci a donné naissance à un triple hybride composé de Princess x Cinderella 99 x Vortex. La Queen of Soul donne une herbe sucrée et exotique, avec un goût de fruit tropical et des arrière-tons épicés. Vos papilles seront ravies par des notes de mangue, d'ananas, de melon, d'agrumes et de patchouli. Mais son côté royal se remarque aussi dans son effet qui est clair, vertigineux, très énergétique et cérébral.

La Queen of Soul affiche l'apparence d'un plant sativa, avec des feuilles aux longs doigts typiques, mais sa structure florale ressemble plus à une indica. Elle pousse à une hauteur moyenne et ses grosses têtes résineuses sont prêtes à la récolte après 60-65 jours. Le plant développe de solides branches qui n'ont pas besoin de support malgré le poids des fleurs.

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Difficulté de culture
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Temps de floraison
9 semaines
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Sélectionneurs / Banques De Graines

De Rain Aug 19-2019
I started April 16, 2017 with the Queen of Soul seeds from Brothers Grimm.. Registered product serial numbers on a package of seed? Awesome and incredible! I have two incredible mothers of Queen of Soul... clones taken easily.. she loves to be cloned and heat resistance here in the Lower San Joaquin Valley is usually 100+ degrees and she did well in a cardboard box for the winter chilly spring with a incandescent light for heat and cheap homemade LED lighting... BudgeT grow? Ultra organic.. dirt and rainwater... the dirt recovered from a rooftop!? Grass growing on a rooftop? But Queen of Soul growing in a Cardboard box! 4ft x6ft x6.5 ft tall.. Some say it tastes like Vanilla ice cream with a fruit cocktail syrup on top! To me super Smooth and earthy hints.. and for me a medical disability and Rx medications makes me worse feeling and sick! Queen of Soul is potent and not recommended for a little while, it’s a long lasting medical effect and can be different for different users.. it makes me able to push through the day without as much intense chronic physical pain.. Possibly a new favorite for many.. but for me it is a blessing... and it crossed with my Master Cookies male superstinky boy.. pollinated my Queen of Soul #4 female.. I have been waiting to announce the birth of a newbie...” Cookies n Queen “ so the Queen is definitely worth while and Master Cookies Female,was my night time Med with the KO power to knock me out for a few hours sleep at night.. Last winter I did not get a chance to go into the cardboard box to tend the garden.. and when I found the Master Cookies only one female and three males.. Thus today Aug 18,2019 Cookies n Queen popped up in the Cannabis Corral? One to keep a hold of.. along with the Queen of Soul! My clone mother of Queen is still productive! She’s a Keeper ! “ Long Live The Queen!