Queen of Soul

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Queen of Soul (Brother's Grimm Seeds)
Queen of Soul (Brother's Grimm Seeds)
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Queen of Soul (Brother's Grimm Seeds)
Sativa dominante
Olor & Sabor

Queen of Soul: una reina sativa con influencias de índica

La Queen of Soul es el resultado de un proyecto de cría complejo que abarca tres generaciones. Esto nos lleva a un híbrido compuesto por una Princess, una Cinderella 99 y una Vortex. La Queen of Soul es dulce y exótica cuando la fumas, con sabor a fruta tropical y matices especiados. Tus papilas gustativas darán palmas con sus matices a mango, piña, melón, cítricos y pachulí. Pero su grandeza la notarás también en sus efectos físicos y cerebrales que te elevarán, notando lucidez y mucha energía.

La Queen of Soul tiene aspecto de sativa, con las típicas hojas de foliolos largos, pero su estructura floral es más parecida a una índica. Alcanza una altura media y sus flores grandes y resinosas estarán listas para cosechar tras 60-65 días. Es una planta que desarrolla ramas fuertes que no necesitarán soporte, a pesar del peso de las flores.

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9 semanas
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Producción en exterior
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De Rain Aug 19-2019
I started April 16, 2017 with the Queen of Soul seeds from Brothers Grimm.. Registered product serial numbers on a package of seed? Awesome and incredible! I have two incredible mothers of Queen of Soul... clones taken easily.. she loves to be cloned and heat resistance here in the Lower San Joaquin Valley is usually 100+ degrees and she did well in a cardboard box for the winter chilly spring with a incandescent light for heat and cheap homemade LED lighting... BudgeT grow? Ultra organic.. dirt and rainwater... the dirt recovered from a rooftop!? Grass growing on a rooftop? But Queen of Soul growing in a Cardboard box! 4ft x6ft x6.5 ft tall.. Some say it tastes like Vanilla ice cream with a fruit cocktail syrup on top! To me super Smooth and earthy hints.. and for me a medical disability and Rx medications makes me worse feeling and sick! Queen of Soul is potent and not recommended for a little while, it’s a long lasting medical effect and can be different for different users.. it makes me able to push through the day without as much intense chronic physical pain.. Possibly a new favorite for many.. but for me it is a blessing... and it crossed with my Master Cookies male superstinky boy.. pollinated my Queen of Soul #4 female.. I have been waiting to announce the birth of a newbie...” Cookies n Queen “ so the Queen is definitely worth while and Master Cookies Female,was my night time Med with the KO power to knock me out for a few hours sleep at night.. Last winter I did not get a chance to go into the cardboard box to tend the garden.. and when I found the Master Cookies only one female and three males.. Thus today Aug 18,2019 Cookies n Queen popped up in the Cannabis Corral? One to keep a hold of.. along with the Queen of Soul! My clone mother of Queen is still productive! She’s a Keeper ! “ Long Live The Queen!