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At Cannaconnection, we’re passionate about sharing quality information about cannabis. Consisting of an international group of journalists, writers, and editors, our team is dedicated to covering the latest cannabis-related news from all around the world.

As part of our mission to educate people about cannabis, we've built a huge strain database containing information on 1000s of strains from all regions of world. We also regularly publish grow articles to help cannabis cultivators better understand the process and (hopefully) produce better harvests every year.

From legislative changes in the US to the latest health studies on medical marijuana, we dedicate ourselves to following up on all pressing cannabis news and culture. Why? So our readers can make informed decisions about cannabis during one of the most critical periods of change ever experienced.

Over the last few years, cannabis has gained a ton of media attention. And thanks to legislative changes in key areas and a growing interest in the plant, attitudes toward cannabis and its applications are updating.

We’re here to document this progress and help readers in all corners of the world access honest, well-researched information about everything associated with the cannabis plant, its cultivation, and the culture and research surrounding it.