Ripper Haze

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Ripper Haze (Ripper Seeds)
Ripper Haze (Ripper Seeds)
Ripper Haze (Ripper Seeds)
Ripper Haze (Ripper Seeds)
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Ripper Haze (Ripper Seeds)
Ripper Haze (Ripper Seeds)
Sativa dominante (80%)
Olor & Sabor

Ripper Haze: una sativa potente de un programa de cruce con la Amnesia Haze

La Ripper Haze proviene de un programa de cría con la Amnesia Haze, y ha dominado la mayoría de las competiciones en las que ha tomado parte. La Ripper Haze se ha ganado un lugar en los menús de los coffeeshops de Ámsterdam gracias a su aroma penetrante y fuerte efecto sativa. Su subidón es potente, vivaz y enérgico, por lo que es una fumada perfecta para dar un paseo por Ámsterdam en un día soleado. Contiene un 80% de genes sativa y solo un 20% índica.

La Ripper Haze tiene una fase vegetativa de 1-2 semanas. Las plantas cultivadas en el interior, en armarios o cuartos de cultivo, tienen un período de floración de hasta 65 días. Las plantas cultivadas en el exterior, en invernaderos o parterres, están listas para la cosecha a mediados de octubre. Todas sus plantas ofrecen cosechas medias-altas.

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9 semanas
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Producción en exterior
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De Trapsoutdointhesun Jun 6-2022
Bought 3 fem'ed seeds because ripper is everywhere in spain and had luck with their black valley and others in the past. I know it's simply a fem'ed clone of Soma's original amnesia but i love amnesia so just took a punt. It's an odd one tbh ... i'd say 3 distinct pheno's from just onepack of seeds. 2 x much more indica dominant and the other clearly a proper haze (sativa). I'd say the 2 x indica heavy pheno's are great ... they run shorter than the sativa pheno and we done in 8 1/2 weeks. The sativa pheno takes longer 9 - 10 weeks, but is worth the weight. The indicas both smell sweet and fruity ... one more candyish than the other which has grape tones. The sativa dominant pheno grew taller, longer, pointier leaves (as you'd expect) and made lots of less compact buds with a scent of hazeyness and lemon and pine. A real show-stopper. also the sat' a better yield. Grown outdoors, 100% organically, occasional neem/soap to keep the bugs back then washed (b-soda & lemon > mild oxygenated water (spanish name) mix, then 2 water washes) at the end to remove any bugs, dust etc etc. Really happy with what came from this pack of seeds. Gonna keep at least 2 or poss' all 3 pheno's as they're all nice enough and different enough to keep some variety too. Ripper does good again.