Vitamin C with CBD: Full Daily Dose of Vitamin C and CBD

Ensuring you get enough vitamin C each day is essential to healthy living. We get some vitamin C from the food and drink we consume, but sometimes it's not so easy to meet the recommended daily intake. Cibdol's Vitamin C with CBD helps fill in any gaps by providing a healthy daily dose of the vitamin, while also providing the power of CBD.


Vitamin C is known to support the body in many ways, chiefly by boosting the immune system, helping with iron absorption, acting as an antioxidant, and promoting healthy skin—and these are just a few benefits. By combining vitamin C with CBD and liposomes, we've produced an easy and efficient way for regular CBD users to get a full dose of both the cannabinoid and the vitamin. Each serving provides enough vitamin C for one full day, and acts as a one-time daily "replacement dose" of CBD for those using regular CBD oil.

As with all of our CBD products, we only use high-quality CBD extracted from organic EU hemp. We use advanced proprietary processes to ensure clean and pure extraction, allowing us to keep our products natural and free of any unwanted chemicals, GMOs, or additives. This is then verified through third-party testing for complete customer peace of mind.


Included in our Vitamin C with CBD formulation are liposomes. Liposomes are lipid-based vesicles that encase and protect CBD as it travels through your stomach, resulting in enhanced cellular absorption. This means more CBD is available to your cells than with regular CBD oil.

The end result is a supplement that provides all the power of CBD alongside vitamin C for anyone looking to support their health from all angles.


1. Shake bottle well.

2. Pour 5ml of Vitamin C with CBD into water or juice, using the measuring cap provided.

3. Stir and drink.

Use Vitamin C with CBD once per day. Each bottle contains 30 servings.

Store in refrigerator once opened. Use within 2 months.

This product contains soy.
Vitamin C with CBD contains alcohol and is not suitable for children or people who are pregnant.


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