CannaConnection - Sleep Well CBD: Influence Your Sleep Cycle, The Natural Way

Sleep Well CBD seamlessly combines CBD with liposomes and melatonin. The result is a natural sleep aid that works with your body’s circadian rhythm. Melatonin levels naturally fluctuate with the rising and setting of the sun, helping us sleep. Unfortunately, melatonin levels can quickly diminish because of stress and blue light interference from digital devices.

Sleep Well CBD uses a sophisticated formula of cannabinoids, terpenes, melatonin, and liposomes to support and restore a healthy sleep schedule. Liposomes are protective “bubbles” that significantly improve the absorption rate of compounds such as CBD. Every drop of Sleep Well CBD contains a concentrated dose of CBD. Taken just before bed, Sleep Well CBD can help restore your body’s sleep cycle through the use of natural ingredients and the potential of CBD.

Store the bottle in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use.

Recommended Daily Dose:

Take one drop (1ml) 15 minutes before sleep. Place directly in the mouth, or in a glass of water.

Jay 02/05/2020

Really delivers

As I have to get up quite early during the week it's getting harder for me to have a good sleep during the weekends. Sleep Well CBD helps me relax and finding rest in the weekends again. Really happy :)

Kilian 02/05/2020

I sleep well

It really helped me a lot to get more sleep. Happy to found something this great!

Twan T 01/02/2020


This product is amazing! 5 stars from me.

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