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By harnessing the versatile nature of CBD alongside a variety of beneficial compounds, vitamins, and minerals, our range of CBD Supplements offers a well-rounded approach to supporting well-being. All CannaConnection CBD Supplements contain our full-spectrum CBD formula and are available in a range of sizes and concentrations. Simply choose the supplement that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Supplementing with the inclusion of CBD has never been more convenient.

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Sleep Well CBD

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Price €25.00

Supporting a natural and healthy sleep cycle, Sleep Well CBD from CannaConnection synergistically pairs melatonin and CBD. Harnessing the potential of CBD and the proven capabilities of liposomes and melatonin, Sleep Well CBD helps limit the impact of stress and blue light interference for a restful night's sleep. Available in 30ml, each bottle contains approximately 30 servings.

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Multivitamin with CBD

Price €35.95

Vitamins are essential to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We have formulated a unique blend that synergises the power of CBD with liposomes and vitamins to ensure you always meet your supplement and CBD needs. What's more, our Multivitamin with CBD acts as a complete daily "replacement dose" of CBD oil. That's right—everything you need in one supplement!

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Vitamin C with CBD

Price €42.00

Vitamin C is an essential part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and is obtained through our diet. Cibdol Vitamin C with CBD ensures you always meet your daily vitamin C requirements, while also benefitting from a daily dose of CBD. It also includes the added power of liposomes, increasing efficiency and absorption. Start your day right with Cibdol's Vitamin C with CBD.

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